Fraud Alert and Disclaimers.

Fraud Alert and Disclaimers.


Here is Alles Europa News Fraud Alert and Disclaimers.


A web experts once said that not everyone who visit a website have good intentions, after complex examinations, experts concluded that web attackers uses Ddos mode and frame-up.


While some does it to scam their victims with legal business name others are competitors who does so to destroy business who provides same services.


We are legal registered business , and if anyone contact you claiming to be from Alles Europa News do not answer them or at your own risk.


Do not send money to anyone claiming to be from Alles Europa News, use only our contact page to get across to us.


Any email that did not come from  or should be deleted.


And even if they do, please visit our website and use our contact page alone.


We do not send such mails to anyone, and if anyone send you such message, hit the deleted button and always make sure that you contact us on our website only.


  1. Since internet have becomes a hubs of various attackers and frame-up, from Big newspapers that want to close down every competition just to remained only them.
  2. To various kind of frauds online that uses legal companies name to sends email in other to con their victims.
  3. Disclaimers is even more necessary because of Nazi and Far right movements whose actors goes on complex Ddos attacks and the frame-up mode, sometimes uses states tools to lunch complex attacks on newspapers and websites that writes about them.
  4. Journalism have becomes the most dangerous occupations, with many journalist been set-up, locked-up, sentence to even death in Iran, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, and all kind of various attack to bring down a publishing house, either by politicians who seeks to controlled the media for their own re-election benefit or quest to remained in power.
  5. Writing about LGBTQ right alone once turn Allles Europa News portal into hubs of various web attackers and boots attacks.
  6. After our various articles on Amazon rain forest in Brazil which attracts Brazil far right Ddos attacks.
  7. Our single articles on Hong Kong securities received Asia Ddos.
  8. Alles Europa New is 100% free News portal, We do not charge you to read our news, If anyone contact you to pay them for access on our news portal do not answer them, our reports are randomly chosen.
  9. If you received email from someone claiming to be from Alles Europa News, they may even use our link or articles , please do not answer them or just hit the deleted button.
  10. The last one is Mr. Perfect, When Mr. Perfect received message email that claim to come from (Legal Business Name)- with free email account like @yahoo @hotmail and so on, Mr. Prefect goes online to reports (Legal Business Name) on various complaints portals rather than a direct contact to (Legal Business Name) that had no link with such message.. Even though it is a frame-up mode.


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