Towards addictive opioids?

Addictive opioids?

(Alles Europa News) – An international study led by the University of Bonn and ShanghaiTech University could change the face of opioids, creating much safer drugs.

Alles Europa News reports that Not for several years, especially with the bad press of opioids, which makes them very difficult to develop.

No drugs targeting the delta receptor have been approved yet.

However, pharmaceutical companies have started to take an interest. Our study should help in this direction.

Alles Europa News reports that the opioid crisis, these powerful painkillers with unwanted side effects – including addiction, which can lead to overdose – killed nearly 14,000 people in Canada from January 2016 to June 2019.

Alles Europa News reports that an international study led by the University of Bonn and ShanghaiTech University could be a game-changer.

The team of Louis Gendron, director of the Department of pharmacology-physiology at the University of Sherbrooke, took part in the discovery.

What have you discovered?

These are details of interactions between the drug and proteins called opioid receptors.

To make an analogy, it would be difficult to generate a key for a lock whose mechanics are unknown.

Our discovery is like a photo of the inside of the lock in the open position.

It is hoped that this will lead to the development of new substances capable of activating opioid receptors very selectively, which we could not do before. This is what would prevent the side effects of opioids.

Could this discovery help fight the opioid crisis?

Certainly yes. The body has three opioid receptors.

Currently available molecules target only the mu receptor, which is associated with the potential for abuse and dependence.

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slipping towards addictive opioids?

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Our study focuses on the delta receptor, for which the potential for abuse and dependence is low or zero.

If we replaced existing opioids with molecules targeting this receptor, we would obtain much safer drugs.

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