Time to take the child to the doctor.

Time to take the child to the doctor noted the children’s surgeon.

(Alles Europa News) – The types of pain are called in which you urgently need to take the child to the doctor.

Alles Europa News reports that the doctor noted that all kinds of ointments and folk remedies are good only in the early stages of inflammation, when it comes to neglected abscesses and boils, you need to go to the doctor with the child.

In this types of pain identified and named by a medical specialist for urgently need to take the child to the doctor.


It is noted that the main reasons for an urgent visit to the doctor are abdominal pain and headaches.

According to experts, headaches that occur in a child for no reason that do not go away for a long time may indicate the occurrence of serious health problems.

Unreasonable headaches are always serious.

If a child’s head hurts for at least two or three days without an obvious reason,

This is an occasion to consult a specialist.


Arterial hypertension, for example, in younger, there are a lot of possible diseases according to children’s surgeon.

Also, special attention should be paid to abdominal pain, because often parents treat children on their own and unknowingly miss appendicitis, gastritis, infections, or much more serious illnesses.

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Time to take the child to the doctor.

In addition, experts noted vomiting, repeated loose stools and fever as an urgent reason for visiting a doctor.


“Sore” acne on the face or body of the child should also be alarming.

In a good way, any purulent formation – requires examination.

Alles Europa News reports that children’s surgeon also noted the peculiarities of blood supply in the face area lead to the fact that, at times, a banal abscess or acne spreads further and leads to deadly situations:

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