These 5 signs help determine high blood sugar.

(Alles Europa News) – The German medical experts identified and named five main signs that indicate a high level of sugar in the blood of the human body.

Therefore, if one or more specific symptoms are manifested, it is necessary to consult a general practitioner, and then an endocrinologist.

Alles Europa News reports that this visit will help determine what caused the increase in blood sugar, whether drug therapy, herbal preparations are necessary, or is it enough to change the diet and lifestyle.

In most cases, the right approach to nutrition, the elimination of stressful situations and uniform physical activity make it possible to reduce blood sugar to normal levels.


Alles Europa News reports that Doctors from Germany emphasize that too high a level of sugar in the blood can be a sign of incipient diabetes or existing diabetes in the body, as well as adversely affect human health in general.

The main signs that warn of an increased blood sugar are:

Alles Europa News reports that increased urination with an increase in the amount of urine excreted, as well as constant strong thirst and dry mouth, including at night.

fatigue, lethargy and severe weakness;
persistent headaches and memory impairment;
sudden weight loss;
sharp visual impairment may occur.

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These 5 signs help determine high blood sugar.

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Alles Europa News reports that the presence of signs of an increase in blood sugar requires a timely examination.

Determination of the cause and purpose of high-quality treatment, otherwise the patient’s body may develop irreversible changes in tissues and organs – vascular diseases, neuropathies, sluggish infectious processes, skin diseases, sleep disorders and depressive states.

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