The number of coronavirus infected in China exceeded 63000 people.

The number of coronavirus infected in China exceeded 63000 people.

(Alles Europa News) – According to authorities, over the past day in the country recorded 121 deaths.

Outside the PRC, the number of infected has exceeded 500, most of them in Japan.

Alles Europa News reports that World Health Organization adviser Ira Longini did not rule out that coronavirus could spread to two-thirds of the world’s population.

It is based on data according to which each infected person transfers the infection to two or three more.


At the same time, the expert pointed out that it is currently difficult to track the spread of the virus.

Alles Europa News reports that Over the past day by caused by a coronavirus COVID-19 diseases in China died 121 people, according to the National Commission for Health.

The total number of deaths in the country, according to authorities, amounted to 1380.

Alles Europa News source in China believed the actual result is closed to 2000 people.

Note that we Alles Europa News is the first to reports outside Wuhan in november 2019 on what China is hiding.


Alles Europa News reports that according to the commission, as of February 13, the number of confirmed cases of infection reached 63 851, having increased by 5090 per day.

Alles Europa News reports that 6723 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals, 10 204 are in serious condition, another 177 thousand who were in contact with the sick were monitored doctors.

In Hong Kong, 53 cases of infection were confirmed (one person died), in Taiwan – 18, and in Macau – ten.

Alles Europa News reports that According to the assessment, the total number of infected with the new coronavirus worldwide amounted to 64 434.

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The number of coronavirus infected in China exceeded 63000 people.

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Of these, 248 cases found in Japan, 58 – in Singapore, 33 – in Thailand, 28 – in South Korea.

In total 505 cases of infection have been confirmed outside of China.

Alles Europa News reports that A day earlier, the PRC authorities announced that they had switched to a new method of diagnosis.


In accordance with the new rules, clinically diagnosed cases are included in the number of detected cases of COVID-19 infection.

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