The Switzerland Federal Office of Public Health informed on Monday about the latest Coronavirus developments with loans to companies and businesses.

The Switzerland Federal Office of Public Health informed on Monday about the latest Coronavirus developments with loans to companies and businesses.

(Alles Europa News)- To deal with the corona crisis, banks in Switzerland have already issued around 31,850 loans.

This means that around a third of the CHF 20 billion that SMEs have made available in the form of guarantees to deal with the Corona crisis has been allocated.

The question of whether the amount will be increased may now become an issue faster than planned, said Erik Jakob, head of the Directorate for Promotion of Locations at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) on Monday in front of the media in Bern.

The finance department is in charge. Finance minister Ueli Maurer had already said at an earlier media conference that an increase could not be ruled out.

A total of CHF 6.6 billion has been awarded in loan agreements, and an average loan of CHF 207,000 has been granted.

Erik Jakob has not yet received full applications for loan applications of more than half a million Swiss francs. There were individual applications, which were not complete or which annexes were missing.

There is still no solution for the self-employed who are only “secondary” affected by measures, said Jakob.

These questions are currently being resolved. The other systems should have started up first. It is also challenging to find a clean solution for all self-employed people. The task lies with the directorate for work.

The federal safety net means in particular self-employed persons without their own company, freelancers or those who make a contribution to family income through irregular work.

Erik Jakob further said at the media conference that applications for short-time work would increase massively faster than the number of unemployed.

That was also the aim of this measure for short-time work compensation.

Ticino is the frontrunner in registrations for short-time work. Short-time work has already been registered for almost 40 percent of the workforce, said Jakob. The Swiss-wide average is 15.6 percent.

According to Jakob, 132,660 unemployed are currently registered, which corresponds to an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent. There are currently 208,527 job seekers.

The most important points of the BAG media conference on Monday at a glance:

The number of coronavirus infections rises to over 15,000.

The number of Covid 19 diseases in Switzerland and Liechtenstein continues to rise.

According to the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) on Monday lunchtime, there were 15,475 laboratory-confirmed cases, 1201 more than on the previous day.

To date, 295 deaths have occurred in Switzerland according to the BAG figures.

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Alles Europa news noted based on information from the cantons, there were already 326 deaths on Monday afternoon.

Most of these were recorded in Ticino, which exceeded the 100 threshold for the first time with 105 deaths, followed by Vaud with 66 deaths.

BAG’s Daniel Koch said at a media conference in Bern that the situation seemed to have remained stable over the weekend. The increase is somewhat the same as in the past few days.

“This is certainly a first small sign that the measures are taking effect,” said Koch. But it was too early to draw a conclusion. The question of when the peak of the epidemic could be reached cannot be answered yet.

But the population understood what it was about. That was the result of a survey. You seem to stick to the measures. Now it was important to remain steadfast over the Easter days.

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