Russia replied Czech republic counterintelligence disclosure of the Russian spy network.

Dated: 21 October, 2019.

Alleseuropa recalls that in 2018, it became known that the Czech Republic had discovered and liquidated the intelligence network of one of the Russian special services. Then Koudelka said that the department had an incredibly successful period of cooperation with local security forces and foreign structures.

Czech President Milos Zeman then criticized the annual counterintelligence report. He said that in the open part, the department writes about many Russian and Chinese spies, while at the same time in the closed section for six years this has never been reported. According to him, the documents did not contain any specific information about the discovery of “at least one single Russian or Chinese spy.”


The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic has denied information about financing a spy network in the republic, as stated by local counterintelligence.

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The diplomatic mission noted that the information that the embassy allegedly funded a certain network of spies has nothing to do with reality.

Prior to this, the head of the Czech Security and Information Service (BIS), Mikhail Koudelka, told Parliament that last year his department, together with the local police, uncovered the activities of the Russian spy network, Alleseuropa reports. According to him, they worked through the Russian embassy in Prague (in particular, it was about financing) and was connected with the Russian special services, but then was defeated.

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