Russia is fighting for doping rehabilitation in sport: Why Vladimir Putin so much depends on the Cas judgment.

(Alles Europa News)- In our modern world in 2020 , Russia is not the only countries that is caught in the web of doping problems, U.S , EU and many countries all over the world have all fells on the same issues, their is no saints here, it is about which is more in deep scandals.

The only thing that is certain is that there will be no verdict this week. The Cas has already announced that. The decision will not be final. There are legal ways to challenge the judgment.

Firstly before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. On the other hand, Russian athletes could also appeal their bans to the European Court of Human Rights.

Russia is said to have been systematically doping and manipulating data for years. That’s why Russian athletes were recently not allowed to compete internationally for their country. Russia has appealed against this judgment, which is now being negotiated. An overview.

Why is?

Starting Monday, Russia will take legal action at the Cas International Sports Court against the four-year exclusion from major sporting events by the world anti-doping agency Wada.

According to the Wada ruling last year, Russia will not be allowed to take part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year or in the Winter Games in Beijing a year later.

Russia is also locked out of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In all of this, however, the following applies: According to the judgment, Russia is not allowed to participate in the competitions as a nation.

The Russian athletes who are not contaminated with doping could compete as neutral athletes under a neutral flag – i.e. also as a neutral team at the World Cup in Qatar. However, the verdict went too far for the Russian leadership around President Vladimir Putin. Russia appealed.

What is Russia charged with?

Systematic doping before and during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and data manipulation. Laboratory data from nearly 150 suspicious athletes are said to have been manipulated in order to cover up suspected doping.

The scandal was exposed because a whistleblower leaked the data to Wada in 2017. With the manipulated data, so the obvious suspicion, Russia wanted to free itself from the accusation of systematic doping.

What are the chances that Russia’s objection will be upheld?

Not very well. Most of the sports federations have spoken out in favor of severe punishment for Russia. The associations, in turn, have a significant influence on the judicial body.

A body called Icas draws up the list of judges for the International Sports Court Cas – who sits on this body is largely determined by the sports associations themselves. The independence of this court can therefore be questioned.

Nevertheless: Russia’s success in front of the Cas is not excluded. Especially since the Russians are getting more and more attention to the fact that – according to their argumentation – an example should be made of them in the fight against doping and doping is also being done in other countries.

In this view, Russia feels confirmed by the fact that the Cas has recently lifted numerous bans against Russian athletes.

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What position does German sport take on the question?

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), as the umbrella organization for German sport, is surprisingly clearly in favor of tough sanctions against Russia.

“We expect a clear and tough judgment as a visible signal for the global fight against doping,” said DOSB President Alfons Hörmann of the German Press Agency. “Anything else would be a bitter disappointment after what has obviously been reprehensible in Russia.”

How important is the verdict for Russian President Vladimir Putin?

For Putin, sport was and is – in the tradition of the gigantic empire – always an important propaganda instrument both internally and externally.

The 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi were worth an estimated EUR 33 billion to Russia, a lonely record in the history of the Olympic movement.

Hence: The judgment is of immense importance for Vladimir Putin, who likes to be photographed in ice hockey gear and exemplifies sport.