Russia associate professor killed students with 4 bullets in her sleep.

On November 11, Oleg Sokolov was formally charged with murder , now he is in jail. During interrogation, the accused said that the conflict was caused by the jealousy of a graduate student to his children from previous marriages.

Alles Europa news reports that according to him, the girl at some point turned ” into a monster from a fairy tale .

“Later she planned to commit suicide in the Peter and Paul Fortress in the uniform of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Earlier, the details of the conflict between Sokolov and Yeshchenko were told in the program “Live” by a neighbor of the historian Angelina.

Alles Europa news reports that according to there neighbor , the wall of her room adjoins the wall of the apartment where the murder took place.

On that fateful night, she sat at the table and partially heard what was happening with her neighbors.

According to her, the scandal was loud. The woman called (allegedly) Sokolov “bastard”, and the man in response began to shout that she was an “ungrateful creature.” After that , strong blows were heard , as if someone had been thrown against the wall.

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A neighbor said that she at that moment even “was shook in the room”.

Alles Europa news reports that this is like a new circumstances of the case of the murder in St. Petersburg of graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, who was shot dead by her roommate, 63-year-old assistant professor of the history department of St. Petersburg State University Oleg Sokolov, became known.

According to other reports , the girl died in a dream. Prior to this, it was believed that the historian shot her from the edge of a small-bore rifle during the conflict.

However, according to updated information, after a loud quarrel Anastasia went to bed, and Sokolov shot her four times in the temple while asleep.

Alles Europa news reports that the tragedy occurred on November 7.

However On November 9, a man in a state of intoxication was dragged out of the Moika along with a backpack in which severed female hands lay.


The head of the murdered woman was found in his apartment, and her body was found in the Ekaterinofka river, where she was carried by the stream from the Moika.

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