Hemorrhoids as one of the most common diseases of all civilized countries.


(Alles Europa News) – Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum hemorrhoidal veins, accompanied by symptoms such as discomfort and pain, bleeding, prolapse of the hemorrhoids, etc.

Hemorrhoids as one of the most common diseases of all civilized countries.

Alles Europa News reports that Experts noted that If you notice symptoms of hemorrhoids, try to consult a proctologist as soon as possible.

Do not postpone a visit to the doctor for a long time, since, despite the seeming harmlessness, hemorrhoids have a number of serious complications.

Alles Europa News reports that an important place in the treatment of hemorrhoids is the fight against chronic constipation by following a diet with a high content of fiber (vegetables, fruits, bran, etc.), regular exercise and taking various laxatives.

Medical help.

Alles Europa News reports that to reduce soreness and inflammation in the rectum, rectal suppositories, various gels and ointments are used.

However, the main treatment remains surgical.

Depending on the severity of the course and intensity of bleeding, various surgical correction methods can be used.

Hemorrhoid Complications.

Alles Europa News reports that since the most dangerous complication of hemorrhoids is acute thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins with the development of inflammation.

This disease is characterized by a sharp increase in pain, they become permanent, not only bowel movements, but also walking becomes difficult. Such patients require urgent hospitalization.

Alles Europa News reports that according to official figures, up to 15% of the adult population suffer from hemorrhoids.

According to statistics, men are more likely to fall ill, but women seek medical help more often, apparently due to a more careful attitude to their health.

In addition to unpleasant and degrading sensations, this disease is dangerous with numerous complications in the form of iron deficiency anemia , thrombosis, infringement of hemorrhoids, etc.

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Causes of hemorrhoids.

Alles Europa News reports that Hemorrhoids is an interesting disease in its own way, which appeared in people as a retribution for upright posture.

No cat, dog or horse will face such a problem.

Gravity acts uniformly on the entire body of these animals, so the blood will not stagnate in the hind legs and end sections of the intestine.

But in a bipedal person, the same gravity increases the load on the corresponding vessels.

Depending on the profession and lifestyle, the risk of this disease varies greatly.

No wonder hemorrhoids are considered a professional illness of people with sedentary or standing work – drivers, programmers, accountants, teachers.

The development of hemorrhoids is facilitated by prolonged constipation , as well as pregnancy and childbirth i.e. conditions in which there is a strong increase in intra-abdominal pressure.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids.

discharge of blood from the rectum after bowel movements;
streaks of blood in the feces;
prolapse of hemorrhoids from the anal canal;

pain and irritation in the anus.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids

A proctologist is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids. Depending on the complaints and clinical presentation, the following studies are carried out on the patient.

Finger examination is performed for all patients and is the main method for the diagnosis of hemorrhoids and other proctological diseases.

Sigmoidoscopy is the most common, accurate and reliable method for examining the rectum and lower sigmoid colon. It is performed using a sigmoidoscope.

Anoscopy is a study of the anal canal and lower rectum using an anoscope (rectal mirror).

Colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the colon.

Irrigoscopy is an X-ray examination of the colon.

Coprogram – analysis of feces for a qualitative composition, i.e. for foreign matter, undigested food residues and mucus.

Fecal occult blood test.

A blood test is performed to determine the presence or absence of anemia (a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood with hemorrhoids due to chronic bleeding ).

Alles Europa News note: Please always contact your doctor for best assistance and remember to never go on self medications.

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