Periodontitis is called periodontal inflammation.

Periodontitis is called periodontal inflammation.

Periodontium – connective tissue filling the narrow space between the tooth and its bone bed (alveolar process of the jaw).


(Alles Europa News)- According to experts The treatment of periodontitis is long and may include up to 6-7 visits to the dentist.

First, the doctor processes the canal of the affected tooth and removes the infected tissue. Then anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents are introduced into the canal.

Medicines are laid several times until the inflammatory process completely subsides. Depending on the degree of damage and tooth decay, the doctor will decide on the possibility of its restoration.

Prevention- Prevention of periodontitis is the timely treatment of caries and pulpitis. Twice a year, you should undergo a routine examination at the dentist.

Complications- Alles Europa news reports that according to experts In the absence of treatment, inflammation and infection can spread to nearby tissues with the formation of abscesses, phlegmon , osteomyelitis of the jaw, sinusitis and other dangerous diseases.

In the periodontium are the nerves, blood and lymph vessels that feed the tooth.

The main functions of periodontal are shock absorbing and trophic. When chewing food, periodontal absorbs loads on the tooth and evenly redistributes them to the bones.

Distinguish between acute and chronic periodontitis. Acute periodontitis is less common.

This is due to the fact that due to the presence of an outflow of contents, periodontitis can proceed for a long time without any signs of the disease against a background of ongoing and developing inflammation.

Causes of the disease- Most often, periodontitis develops due to infection of the periodontium. Depending on the route of infection, intradental and extradental (intradental and extra-dental) periodontitis are distinguished.

Intradental periodontitis is mainly a complication of untreated pulpitis .

Extradental periodontitis develops as a result of the transition of the inflammatory process from surrounding tissues (osteomyelitis, sinusitis).

In addition, traumatic and medical periodontitis is isolated. Medical periodontitis develops most often with improper treatment of pulpitis, when potent drugs or irritating materials fall into periodontitis (for example, a paste containing arsenic, formalin, phenol).

Symptoms- Periodontitis is manifested by sharp pains in the tooth area, aggravated by touching it. Swelling of the lips, cheeks, gums is enlarged, the tooth is mobile.

Sometimes a hole is found on the gum from which pus flows. This is a fistula, i.e. the channel that was formed to drain the contents from the infected cavity.

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Chronic periodontitis can manifest itself in the form of unpleasant and weak pain (a feeling of heaviness, fullness, awkwardness, soreness with a chewing load on this tooth).

Chronic periodontitis may not manifest itself for a long time and can be detected by chance on an x-ray during the treatment of neighboring teeth.

Diagnostics- The diagnosis is made according to the characteristic clinical picture in combination with an X-ray examination . Upon examination, the doctor may detect redness or swelling of the gums, wounds, from which pus can ooze.

Alles Europa news reports that If you become bothered by toothaches, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible . No need to endure pain. Take an anesthetic, brush your teeth, and rinse your mouth. In no case do not try to warm the diseased tooth. An increase in temperature only enhances inflammation, at this time, you should contact your dental care.

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