Parents abandoned 5-years old in hospital for years.

Parents abandoned a 5 years old girl due to hospital doctors disagreements.

Parents of the girl living in the PMC named the condition under which they will take her.

However the Guardianship authorities filed a lawsuit to limit parental rights.

Alles Europa news reports that the Court hearings will be closed to the press for the benefit of the child.


The parents of a girl who had lived in a hospital for years agreed to take her daughter home if they were given a full discharge epicrisis for all these years.

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The lawyer said that the doctors of the perinatal medical center (PMC) “Mother and Child” informed the parents about the poor health of the child, without providing any documents or even verbal information about the diagnosis, and simply issued invoices.

In March 2019, doctors, according to the defense, changed their minds. Nevertheless, the girl still remains in the clinic.

In December, reports on a five-year-old girl who has been living in the PMC Mother and Child since birth, because her mother considers her daughter terminally ill.


The child was really born prematurely and ended up in the neonatal pathology department, however, according to reports, after a few months nothing threatened her health. Doctors believe that the girl does not need hospital care any longer.

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