Alles Europa news reports that as the Christmas and the New year zooms in, it is advice to drink wisely and responsible, and remember never drive after strong alcohol consumption.

Dangerous drinks: the most “hangover” alcohol is determined.

Alles Europa news reports that the most dangerous alcoholic drinks were listed by British scientists.

In second place is champagne. Bubbles of sparkling wine can irritate the gastrointestinal tract, stimulating hunger and opening a direct path to overeating and indigestion.

In third place – fatty meat and sausage, as well as pork ham. These products are often used to make Olivier salad, but it is better to use poultry meat – all the more so since there was no sausage in the original pre-revolutionary salad recipe.

Fourth and fifth places were taken by pickles and sweets. Pickled and salted vegetables are contraindicated for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and are also harmful to hypertonics and cores. The nutritionist recommends giving preference only to fresh vegetables.

Alles Europa news reports that the most serious consequences for the body the next morning after the party entails the use of sherry and port, the British scientist said. It is 20-degree drinks that cause the most severe hangover – they are not too strong, but are absorbed into the blood faster than vodka.

In addition, the specialist explained a couple of other myths about drinking.

The use of sherry and port wine can turn into a severe hangover. This conclusion was made by a scientist from Brighton University

Relatively strong – 20% alcohol – and easily absorbed by the body, these Iberian fortified wines carry a great danger in the form of a hangover.

Stronger alcohol is absorbed by the body more slowly, inhibiting the work of the stomach. Beer will not allow you to quickly get drunk, because his degree is too low.

The British also advised not to drink alcohol with water. This will not help to avoid rapid intoxication, but it will lead to just “easily digestible” alcohol concentration of 20%. Exactly for the same reason, you should refrain from mixing strong alcohol with low alcohol drinks.

Rapid intoxication, the experts noted, is achieved with the help of sparkling wines. The reason for this is carbon dioxide in champagne. Bubbles help alcohol absorb into the bloodstream.

You can get drunk heavily by drinking whiskey and other strong alcohol, experts also warns. Moreover, the hangover from vodka will be “slightly less severe” the next morning.

Alles Europa news reports that the topic of alcohol on the eve of the New Year holidays is attracting more and more attention of both citizens and regulatory agencies. The Europeans are advised not to forget: alcohol abuse entails negative consequences for both people around them and their own health.

Experts recommended to buy alcohol only in stationary stores that have a license for the sale of alcohol.

At non-Certified kiosks and pavilions it is not recommended to buy alcoholic beverages. Through the Internet, the sale of alcohol is prohibited – buying it on the network, a person is at great risk.

In addition, the experts noted that an undamaged federal mark for domestic alcohol and an excise mark for imported drinks must be glued on the bottle. The lid should fit snugly against the glass of the bottle and not spin.

A sharp increase or decrease in alcohol prices before the New Year is not expected, It is clarified that among alcoholic beverages, sparkling wines and champagne were the most preferred – 84%, followed by the popularity of wine (59%) and vodka (40%).

Early experts warn how to reduce the harm to the body from drinking alcohol on holidays.

Firstly, it is better to drink on a full stomach, and secondly – do not mix drinks. In addition, doctors recommend moving more – so the body activates the metabolic process and the distribution of alcohol will be more even.

Doctors recommend snacking on greens and salads with a high fiber content (it is found in raw vegetables).

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Fiber slows down the absorption of alcohol calories. At the festive table, it is also advised to serve dishes with a high protein content – meat, fish and poultry.

Pickles do not have any effect on the absorption of alcohol, the experts noted.

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