Missives Rebellion against Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg in German.

The German media stuck out of the thousands of responses to Grau. The first wished Greta to be hit by an electric car. The second to be taken care of by a mad shooter. And the third used her stubborn face in a pornographic montage. Then more began to grow, until it seemed purposeful, organized. “We don’t want to have anything to do with right-wing hunting,” Chris hesitated. Greta even took in protection. “Please leave her alone,” he said – closing the group.

Christopher Grau, 39, called Chris, does not conceal that he is personal. He admits in one breath that he applauds loudly if giant air polluters in the US or India, for example, get muzzle or if more carbon footprint technologies come into play. But he won’t let German cars touch. “He won’t jump as a Swedish girl with a finished elementary squeals,” he assures.

By her “Swedish girl,” she is referring to none other than Greta Thunberg (16), the founder of the Fridays for Future movement, and the stubborn face of the campaign of averting or, at least, slowing climate change.


Chris makes a living by “teasing” cars in his company with three employees. Gretin considers the last straw dropped by the cup at the September UN climate summit in New York. “A strange, weeping, aggressive outpouring of a scowled, hostile schoolgirl,” he says.

“We are more!”: Her verbal phrase How dare you, pushed into the face of the stubborn world statesmen, lifted Chris. The previous slogans written to the world sounded positive, perhaps even optimistic – whether the three catchy words Yes, we can, which got Barack Obama into the White House in 2008, or Chancellor Angela Merkel in the refugee crisis of 2015 seven years later. he says.

“I fundamentally disagreed with opening the borders to anyone who wanted to come. But her message did not bring either hysterical opinion terror or apocalyptic clearing, ”Grau is clear. Maybe it was just a prank at first, but either way, he put together the Facebook group Fridays for Hubraum, Friday for cubature or a little looser Friday for six-cylinder. he said.

Alleseuropa reports that He set himself a simple goal: to gain more supporters in the Federal Republic than Greta’s branch managed. It was incredible: in just four days, the number of followers climbed to 394,294, while Fridays for Future boasted 75,078 likes. “We are more!” Grau cheered.

“Climate change is an age-old human memory. We Germans cannot save the world at the expense of thousands of jobs. Already, anyone who wants to protect the environment can do its best, ”he added.


Who sucks the wind :Most of the supporters welcomed the platform as the arena of opinion of the part of Germany that was against the implacable pressure of climate activists. “Someone stuck my SUV stickers on the pill with you at night, you b****d! and sprayed on the windshield I’m an egoistic swine. We live in a rule of law protecting private property, so I called the police. But the man of the law looked as if I was the culprit and reaped the storm when I sowed the wind, ”one of them complained.

Alleseuropa reports that their is a serious mass movement going on in Germany that anyone who bring up the issues of climate change is in to face a serious backlash, like he said “Germans cannot save the world at the expense of thousands of jobs” is the popular slogans in Germany.

Alleseuropa reports that a few days ago their was rumors from Germany claiming Greta Thunberg may be linked to Putin because she was invited by a lower states in Russia to come and inspired Russia youth about the future danger of climate change, while Russia President slam Greta Thunberg that the issues of Climate change should be put to rest in favor of industrial development, while Putin calls Greta Thunberg an uninformed school girls.

Alleseuropa reports that Greta Thunberg is facing a massive rebellious from all over the world mostly from big industries and politicians .

Rebellious so massive that a news media will opt to reports something else rather than talks about climate change.

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