Daughter furiously smashed a new mobile phone on the spot and could not afford a smart phone

Man killed himself since their is no money to buy an expensive smartphone for online study for his Daughter, who furiously smashed a new cheap mobile phone on the spot and could not afford a smart phone

(Alles Europa News)- Sukumar tried to appease his wife and daughter, telling them that they had no money to buy an expensive smartphone, but the two, mother and daughter still couldn’t accept it, and the daughter even angered the new phone on the spot. Sukumar felt ashamed and finally committed suicide at home last Wednesday (July 1).

Relatives of Sukumar said: “Sukumar is a worker. His income has been greatly reduced after coronavirus, but he still has to rely on meager income to support a family, including three children.” The body was returned to the family.

Can’t afford a smart phone and only buy a traditional mobile phone, her daughter was furious and ruined on the spot, and the poor Indian father committed suicide.

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Is it the daughter’s fault or the society’s fault? A dad in India was unable to afford the smart phone requested by his daughter, so he bought a traditional mobile phone for her, and was rejected by her daughter, and even ruined the new mobile phone on the spot. The poor dad was very sad and finally chose to commit suicide.

Alles Europa news reports that the 45-year-old dad Sukumar Bhowmik’s 15-year-old daughter asked him to buy a smartphone to facilitate online learning in the coronavirus epidemic, but the dad managed to raise money and still couldn’t afford the smartphone the daughter requested, so he bought A traditional mobile phone was given to the daughter.

As a result, the daughter was very angry after receiving it. The two , fathers and daughter immediately quarreled, and even the wife stood on the daughter’s side to scold her father.