Bad habits for kidneys.

Bad habits for kidneys.

(Alles Europa News) – What habits are bad for kidneys: a doctor’s opinion

Health Specialist noted a list of bad habits that affect kidney function:

Bad habits.

In order to maintain the health of the whole organism and kidneys in particular, negative habits must be discarded.

Therefore, try to drink alcohol less often and give up nicotine addiction.

The kidneys perform the most important cleansing function in the body, therefore, it is necessary to monitor the state of their health, abandoning those habits that can harm them.

There are about 8 major errors in human behavior that can lead to negative consequences.

Not enough fluid.

Alles Europa News reports that the generally accepted norm for drinking pure water is a volume of 2 liters. Water regulates the purification processes and does not give an additional burden to the kidneys.

It can be difficult to comply with a norm from a habit, however, having introduced this rule to yourself on a permanent basis, you will be able to notice positive changes.

For example, the correct volume of fluid perfectly affects the appearance of a person: the complexion improves, wrinkles are smoothed out, pimples and other skin imperfections cease to bother.

. Eating habits that lead to the formation of stones.

With the wrong approach to organizing nutrition issues in the kidneys, harmful substances can accumulate, which eventually turn into stones.

In particular, it is necessary to control the amount of protein and prevent its excess. Also, do not get involved in meat products, as this leads to a serious problem – there is more uric acid in the body.

Bad habits that kills your immune system.

Eating 1 tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach.

Properties of carrots that are especially beneficial for pressure and vision.

Kidney killers for your health.


Doctors recommends reducing the number of other products of animal origin, especially those that are sources of calcium – eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese.

If you are diagnosed with kidney problems, then you should reduce your calcium intake by 50%.

. Excess salt.

Salt negatively affects the state of the body, so its use should be minimal.

If the concentration of salt in the body is too high, the risk of dehydration and an imbalance of water-salt metabolism is high, which over time can also cause the formation of stones.

Try to add a salty taste to dishes with lemon juice or lime.

. Irregular use of the toilet.

Do not tolerate the urges of the body, which indicate that it is time to visit the restroom. With the help of urine, the body is cleansed.

If you constantly endure, then the risk of kidney failure is high.

. Excess of harmful products and lack of vitamins.

For the full functioning of the body, the diet must be balanced, containing the entire spectrum of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

To do this, you need to pay more attention to natural food products: fruits, vegetables, berries, cereals, whole grains, fish and seafood.

Useless and harmful products should be abandoned altogether.

In particular, we are talking about fast food, fatty, fried, salted, smoked, sources of trans fats, palm oil, carcinogens.

. Lack of physical activity.

Alles Europa News reports that Sport is needed not only to become the owner of an ideal figure: it is very difficult to overestimate its role in shaping health.

Most often, kidney problems concern those people whose work is associated with a passive lifestyle.

To protect yourself from such problems, enter physical activity in an acceptable form for you on a regular schedule.

. Excessive love of coffee.

Everyone knows the fact that coffee has a diuretic effect, so you should be careful with its use.

If you drink a tonic drink too often, then the risk is high that the kidneys will work for wear.

The problem is aggravated if you still have little sleep: it is at night that the body is fully restored. For this reason, it costs from 7 to 9 hours to sleep.

Reviews kidney killers for your health.

Alles Europa News reports that if Protein does not accumulate in the body, excess protein compounds and decay products increase the renal load.

Not always the body is able to cope with the ingested metabolic products, therefore, sowing, they turn into stones.

Water allows the kidneys to work properly. From lack of fluid, kidney health will be at risk. It is optimal to drink water according to the formula: 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.

The kidneys are considered an organic filter that cleanses the human body from various microbes, toxins, waste, and infections.

They are also almost responsible for maintaining the water-salt balance and blood pressure, and therefore it is very important to maintain the kidneys in a healthy state. Experts have identified and listed eight bad habits that kill kidney health.

Kill the kidneys in a variety of ways. One of the proven ones is smoking and alcohol. If you want to maintain kidney health – give up bad habits.

Alles Europa News reports that a Lack of sleep and a large amount of caffeine consumed affects the condition of the kidneys.


Renal tissue is updated during sleep. Lack of sleep will lead to the fact that this process will not be completed.

Caffeine makes you stay awake for a long time, which also affects the condition of the kidneys.

In addition, coffee has a diuretic effect, the body is dehydrated, and the kidneys are idling on an intensified topic.

Due to the lack of physical activity in the kidneys, stagnation occurs, which contributes to the formation of sand, stones.

Stagnation can be avoided by increasing activity – at least once an hour you need to do a warm-up at work, and visit the hall, pool three times a week, walk more.

Eating disorders also adversely affect kidney function. The menu should contain a daily wealth of minerals and vitamins.

Every day you need to take at least 1.3 mg of vitamin B6, which is abundant in fish, poultry, potatoes, fruits, except citrus.

Retaining urine, tolerating and not going to the toilet during this time is also a bad habit for kidney health, leading to kidney failure.

Excess sodium in the body leads to problems with the organ in question. The main source of the component is table salt.

Its high consumption leads to a violation of the function of water-salt metabolism.

Others rules for preserving kidney health are named.

Alles Europa News reports that American medical experts have identified and named six simple rules for preserving kidney health.

Do not limit your water intake.

Some people believe that by reducing water intake, edema can be avoided. In fact, consuming less than two liters of fluid per day is very risky.

Such a regimen badly affects the composition of the blood, worsening its rheological properties and increasing viscosity.

It becomes very difficult for the kidneys to filter out harmful substances that remain in the bloodstream and poison the body.

As for edema, it is not the excess fluid that is usually to blame for their appearance, but the violation of its excretion.

Specialists from the National Kidney Fund (USA) informed that in order to maintain overall health, a person needs regular physical exercises that help normalize blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep and body weight.

But besides this, doctors have strongly recommended that you follow six specific rules to maintain kidney health.


About 10% of the nicotine absorbed by the smoker enters the bloodstream unchanged and is transferred to the urine by the kidneys. In addition, poisonous resins and other tobacco products are filtered out.

All these substances have a destructive effect on the most important structure of the kidney – the basement membrane.

As a result, its permeability is disturbed, proteins begin to enter the urine, and over time, renal failure develops.

The risk of such a severe renal pathology as glomerulonephritis is 18 times higher for habitual smokers than for non-smokers.

A direct relationship has been established between tobacco consumption and kidney cancer: after several years of smoking, the probability of its occurrence is doubled.


Drinking alcohol creates a huge additional burden, forcing the excretory system to function in an enhanced mode.

As a result, the body is dehydrated, the blood becomes thicker, which makes the work of the kidneys in filtering it as difficult as possible.

Alles Europa News reports that Not without reason, after active libations, many people experience pulling, obsessive lower back pain. So the kidneys respond to truly ruthless exploitation. If such episodes are repeated regularly, kidney damage is inevitable.

Salt is necessary for normal metabolism, but its intake in the body should not exceed 5 g per day.

Unfortunately, most people are too fond of salty foods and, as a rule, receive from 10 to 20 g of salt per day. Its excess in the diet causes fluid retention in the body and seriously complicates the work of the kidneys.

Caffeine is a powerful diuretic. An excess of it in the body provokes dehydration and an increase in blood viscosity. This adversely affects the functioning of the kidneys.

Contrary to popular belief, a person gets caffeine not only from coffee. Tea contains no less.

Rich in caffeine and many non-alcoholic drinks (especially tonics), as well as chocolate.

Avoid delayed bladder emptying. In the bustle of city life, a person often does not immediately respond to signals that an overflowing bladder sends.

Meanwhile, regular delays in its emptying are fraught with the development of renal failure, as well as urinary incontinence.

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