In Paris, the police used gas and smoke bombs to rally yellow vests.

At first, the protesters demanded not to raise prices and fuel taxes, and then began to put forward demands of a socio-economic nature to the government.

Alles Europa news reports that the demonstrations began to take place every Saturday and in most cases were accompanied by riots and clashes with the police.

On the outskirts of Paris, where the rally of yellow vests takes place, the police used tear gas and smoke bombs against protesters.


On Saturday morning, several hundred people protest in the area of ​​Champerre.

They tried to block traffic on the ring road, as a result of which clashes with law enforcement officers occurred.

Law enforcement officers report that the action is not agreed upon and ask those gathered to disperse.

According to preliminary data, 16 people were detained.

Throughout France this weekend, rallies are held in honor of the first anniversary of the yellow vest protests that began on November 17 last year.

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