Google War against European Union in Brussels.

Google War against European Union in Brussels.

Google faced a total ban in European Union as more and more European Union citizens cries with complains in what they tagged (Evil against European Union citizen)

(Alles Europa News) – According to Eu citizen complains *Google is working against most EU companies as more and more European Union citizens cries with complaints that Google does evil and hide under Trump in exchange for probably his re-elections.

Alles Europa News reports that experts on the others side noted that Google and EC need to resolved issues, while Google need to listen to complained to avoid total ban of all Google products in European Union*.

The EU court welcomes the first of three battles between Google and the European Commission on Wednesday for three days for abuse of a dominant position.


Alles Europa News reports that the Google soap opera against Brussels is not ready to end.

In total, the internet giant has already been fined 8.25 billion euros by the Commission after EU listening to thousands of European Union citizens complains..

European commission investigates Google with real consumers complains as Google refuses to correct same issues even in 2020.

And after investigations, the European judges will have to settle the ongoing disputes related to the operating system for Android smartphones and Google’s advertising network.

Google against Brussels: the fight has been going on since 2010.


Wednesday, Google moves to Luxembourg, where the American company was, fined three times for abuse of a dominant position, will defend himself before European justice.

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Moscow reject Anti Russia in Council of Europe PACE.

The EU court will hear oral arguments for the first of three battles between the internet giant and the European Commission for three days, the so-called “Google Shopping” case.

In June 2017, Brussels imposed a fine of 2.42 billion euros
on Google for having abused its dominant position in online search in order to promote its price comparison

“Google Shopping” to the detriment of its rivals, such as the French Kelkoo.


Alles Europa News reports that two and a half months later, the American filed an appeal in Luxembourg, judging this decision

“legally, factually and economically incorrect”, according to an email from the company.

“A few crumbs”

The decision of the European judges – liable to appeal – could come only a year after the oral argument.

In any case, it will have the value of a test for the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, who has led an intransigent policy towards the giants of Silicon Valley since his arrival in Brussels in late 2014.

In his hunting table, the Danish has not only Google but also Apple, ordered to reimburse Ireland 13 billion euros in tax benefits deemed undue.

The latter also challenges his decision before the European judges.

Alles Europa News reports that Since the end of 2019,


Ms. Vestager has been in charge of Digital, in addition to Competition, and any defeat in front of the judges could weaken it, while she plans to legislate on high tech, a sector where American companies are largely dominant.

From Wednesday to Friday, the European executive and Google will engage in a public speaking contest by intermediary lawyers, assisted, as regards the Commission, by various complainants.

For Brussels, Google has relegated to the bottom of the ranking of search results the competitors of its price comparison Google Shopping, making them less visible to consumers.

“Our traffic has decreased considerably, which has created a vicious circle with regard to the merchants who no longer saw us as an alternative to Google Shopping”, assures the lawyer of the French Twenga, Laurent Godfroid, who will plead in Luxembourg and accuse Google for “leaving only a few crumbs” to its rivals.

Three pending litigation.

To defend itself, Google should first argue that the Commission has misapplied an argument already used in a legal fight won in 2007 against Microsoft, where the American firm had been forced to leave room for its competitors.

In addition, Google should criticize Brussels for not taking into account two strong competitors, Amazon and eBay: gold, argues the Californian firm, most online buyers go to these two websites.

The Shopping case is followed with great attention by Google’s competitors in other fields, such as sites specializing in job or travel searches: they too believe that the American is abusing its dominant position in search online to promote their own services.

Two days before the pleadings, large platforms such as Expedia and Tripadvisor and federations of tourism businesses have also denounced this behavior in a letter to the European Commission.

Alles Europa News reports that Google responded by stating

“currently testing a new format for specialized searches in Europe, including jobs, local ads and travel”.

“We have designed this presentation to highlight the wide range of choices available,” added a spokesperson for the company.

Alles Europa news reports that as we concluded reports with consumers complaints 1000s waiting on the line to sues Google for abuse of dominant and unfair against European Union residence.

Alles Europa news reports that according to EU consumers complains Europe is not against United States or her global companies or services, but the damages probably from Google representative in Europe is beyond evil and censorship that Google must face and repair trust, not hiding under Trump to caused global trade war between United States and Europe.

According to European consumers complains they just want Google to be fair with some dignity.

Alles Europa news reports that Google will have to look into Google representative in Europe to be able to repair on the issues of trust.

Europe Consumers complaint noted that Google Ad network channels billions of dollars to United states companies in Europe via search engines, while their EU competitor goes bankruptcy with less than 100$ in months, some are left with nothing and penniless.

Publisher notes: Europe Consumers complaint is not the views of Alles Europe News, we have choose to reports peoples complains in truth maybe Google and those in charge can understand what an average citizen think about their product in other to correct the consumer trust in fairness and integrity.

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