Georgian government uses special police forces to dispersed protesters rally in Tbilisi.

Alles Europa news reports that On Monday, November 25, opposition leaders called on their supporters to picket the entrances to the parliament building to prevent a plenary meeting. Deputies from opposition parties have boycotted the work of the authority, many of them participate in protests.

Alles Europa news recalled that also On November 19, Georgian opposition leaders announced their readiness to hold protests on a weekly basis near the parliament building in Tbilisi. Protesters, who had previously been dispersed by law enforcement, again pitched a tent camp in the center of the Georgian capital.

While Rallies in Tbilisi began on November 14 after parliament was unable to pass constitutional amendments. The changes involved a transition from a mixed electoral system of parliamentary elections to proportional. Among the demands of the protesters are early parliamentary elections in the interim government and the departure of the Georgian Dream party from power.


Alles Europa news recalled that for the first time, these demands were voiced by the opposition during rallies in Tbilisi in late June. At the same time, people initially took to the streets with anti-Russian slogans after the scandal at a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy – a number of deputies did not like the fact that State Duma deputy Sergei Gavrilov , chairing the session, took the chair of the speaker.

Alles Europa news recalled that as a result of an unsuccessful assault attempt on June 20, about 240 people were injured. Georgian authorities accused supporters of former president Mikheil Saakashvili of what happened .

The Georgian police conducted a special operation in Tbilisi to push the protesters off the square in front of the Georgian parliament, according to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Alles Europa news reports that the employees of the Georgian police special forces, using a water cannon, freed all the entrances to the parliament, blocking the streets adjacent to the building with buses. The Georgian Interior Ministry reported three injured and 28 detainees. Currently, several dozen protesters are in a tent camp on the Parliament Square and continue the rally.

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