Bag of suspected dangerous items found in Hässelby.

Bag of suspected dangerous items found in Hässelby.

(Alles Europa News)- Hässelby is a Swedish city that is part of the Hässelby-Vällingby in Stockholm, Sweden.

The area is blocked off and the police are now waiting for the National Bomb Guard, which is on its way to the scene.

The police were alerted shortly after 13 o’clock and the bag was found in connection with a spring cleaning.


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Based on the caller’s description, there are two objects similar to hand grenades, police say.

“It can also be a matter of toys. Occasionally you make that mistake in the assessment,” says Eva Nilsson at the police press service.

A bag that is suspected to contain hand grenades has been found outdoors in Hässelby Gård. The police do not rule out that the items in the bag are explosives.

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