Encephalopathy can be congenital or occur throughout life (acquired encephalopathy).


(Alles Europa News) – Encephalopathy is damage to the brain in various diseases and impaired function, which are not associated with inflammatory diseases.

Encephalopathy can be congenital or occur throughout life (acquired encephalopathy).

Experts noted that a patient suffering from encephalopathy does not realize the pain of his condition.

Therefore, a large role belongs to relatives: noticing the symptoms of the disease, you must immediately show the patient to the doctor.

The treatment of encephalopathy is done by neurologists, psychiatrists. First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of brain damage.

To do this, the doctor will prescribe an examination, which may include general blood and urine tests, a biochemical blood test, x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging of the skull, rheoencephalography (examination of the brain vessels), spinal puncture and examination of the cerebrospinal fluid.

To normalize the processes in the brain, drugs are prescribed that improve blood flow, restore metabolism and function of nervous tissue, vitamins .

Treatment is required to combat the underlying disease. Physiotherapeutic treatment is prescribed: UHF, magnetotherapy.

The patient should engage in physical therapy. When prescribing treatment, the doctor always takes into account three factors: the cause, severity and main manifestations of the disease.

Alles Europa News reports that experts noted that the prognosis of encephalopathy is largely determined by its cause. In some cases, with timely treatment, a complete recovery is possible.

More often the process is chronic and cannot be completely cured – you can only slow it down. Sometimes, in severe diseases, despite treatment, symptoms increase, and the patient dies. The timing of treatment also varies greatly.

Causes of Encephalopathy.

There are a large number of diseases that can lead to the development of encephalopathy. Here is some of them:

The development of congenital encephalopathy in a child can be caused by a woman’s diseases during pregnancy, gestosis, fetal hypoxia, severe prolonged labor, birth trauma .

Brain injuries. After severe traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic encephalopathy develops.

Violation of the blood circulation of the brain.

The main causes: hypertension, atherosclerosis, past strokes, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Poisoning: alcohol abuse, the effects of toxic substances in production, overdose of drugs, various poisons (alcoholic encephalopathy, toxic encephalopathy).


Liver diseases, such as cirrhosis. The liver cannot neutralize toxins and harmful metabolic products that remain in the bloodstream and affect the brain. Hepatic encephalopathy develops.

Renal failure . The kidneys remove uric acid from the body – a product of the exchange of nucleic acids. If they cease to cope with their function, then uric acid remains in the blood and affects the brain.

Diabetes. With this disease, blood flow is disturbed in small vessels, including the brain.

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Manifestations of encephalopathy

Different types of encephalopathy, developed as a result of various reasons, manifest in different ways and have a different course. But there are some common manifestations.

All patients have impaired memory and attention. They cannot concentrate, do not remember recent events, but usually they remember well what happened a long time ago.

They become non-initiative, cope much better with routine, well-known things, than with such work, where you need to come up with something new and make your own suggestions.

Almost all patients with encephalopathy complain of headaches , dizziness.

Most of the time they are in a depressed mood and are depressed. Tears often appear in their eyes, moreover, usually over trifles.

There is a deterioration in overall well-being, increased fatigue, drowsiness during the day, and poor sleep at night.

In communication, patients with encephalopathy are viscous, verbose.

They cannot utter some words.

Alles Europa News note: Please always contact your doctor for best assistance and remember to never go on self medications.

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