Electronic cigarettes faces toughen the law.

Electronic cigarette: Bern wants to toughen the law.

This modification could enter into force on October 1, provided that the Grand Council adopts the project during its spring session.

At the same time, the Bernese government intends to implement the extension of store opening hours as soon as possible in a separate project.

Alles Europa News reports that for the Bernese Executive Council, all products containing nicotine should be subject to the same legal requirements as cigarettes.


The Bernese Executive Council wants to quickly extend youth protection to electronic cigarettes and similar products containing nicotine.

He proposed that the Grand Council deal with this legislative change separately from the adaptation of store opening hours, in order to be able to move forward.

“No one disputes the need to extend the protection of young people to the electronic cigarette, as shown by the outcome of the consultation procedure,” said the canton of Bern on Friday.

Electronic cigarettes and all similar products containing nicotine should therefore be subjected to the same legal requirements as cigarettes as quickly as possible, he added.

As part of the same consultation procedure, the Bernese government had proposed to adapt the opening hours of shops on weekends: Saturdays until 6 p.m. and four Sundays a year.


“Following the lively controversy raised by this proposal, the Executive Council decided to separate the two parts of the review, against the advice of the finance committee of the Grand Council,” he explained.

Opening hours: possible referendum

According to the canton, “we can expect that the extension of store opening hours will be the subject of a referendum request.

If this were to succeed, it would considerably delay the implementation of the desired legislative change.

The Executive Council wants to avoid it and proposes to the Grand Council to implement initially only the extension of youth protection to electronic cigarettes.

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