Easy way to extend your life.(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Regular activity: scientists called an easy way to extend life.

(Alles Europa News) -Scientists also argue that to increase life expectancy with a sedentary image, it is enough to walk in fast steps for 24 minutes a day or spend the same time for physical activity of a moderate degree of intensity.

Alles Europa News reports that Scientists emphasize that even cleaning the apartment can increase life expectancy.

The researchers also found that the risk of premature death is more than doubled if a person spends nine to ten hours in a sitting position.


Scientists called a simple way to extend the life of people.

These are the most basic regular physical activities, and they significantly reduce the risk of early mortality.

Alles Europa News reports that the data of a large-scale study of Iowa University specialists were published on the pages of the British Medical Journal.

Experts noted that each blood group attracts certain diseases.

Doctors noted problematic 4th blood group.


Japan learned to detect 13 types of cancer.

People with the first blood group get cancer most often.

Vaping is more dangerous than cigarettes since Vaping causes DNA changes.

Easy way to extend your life.

Alles Europa News reports that Specialists analyzed eight previously conducted studies, in which a total of 36 thousand people over forty years old took part.

The subjects were divided into four groups according to the level of their daily activity, on average, their life was observed for about six years.


Observation showed that the risk of premature death in the most mobile category of people is reduced by 73 percent, and in the second most active group – by 66 percent.

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