Czech counterintelligence announced the disclosure of the Russian spy network.

Dated: 21 October, 2019.

Alleseuropa recalled that in December 2018, BIS published an annual report according to which in 2017 Russia and China intensified intelligence activities in the Czech Republic. The authors of the report argued that Russia uses disinformation sites for espionage, as well as the purchase of Czech companies by Russian investors.

Czech analysts said Russia’s goal is to undermine NATO and the EU by weakening individual members of these alliances.


The head of the Czech Security and Information Service (BIS), Mikhail Koudelka, said his agency and Czech police have exposed the activities of the Russian spy network, which, he claims, operates through the Russian Embassy in Prague.

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“This network has been completely defeated and beheaded,” Koudelka quoted parliament as saying by Western media. According to the head of BIS, this network “was created by people associated with Russian intelligence services, and funded from Russia and the Russian embassy.”

Koudelka claims that network members planned attacks against targets in the Czech Republic and other countries via the Internet. He also said that this network was part of a larger structure created by Russia in other European countries. However, according to media reports, the head of BIS did not name these countries.


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