CRISPR noted gene editing system dual-core cell computer.

CRISPR noted gene editing system dual-core cell computer. (Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

CRISPR created the first dual-core cell computer.

(Alles Europa News) – Swiss scientists using CRISPR technology have created dual-core computers inside a human cell.

It should be noted that the CRISPR gene editing system is currently used by scientists to treat genetic diseases.

Alles Europa News reports that in 2018, the scientist He Jianqui from China managed to use CRISPR technology to create genetically modified children.


But, besides this, this technology can be successfully applied by scientists in synthetic biology.

Alles Europa News reports that such blocks can process biological information at the input in the human body and generate both diagnostic signals and pharmacological sequences.

If the process of the appearance of metastases begins, for example, artificial logical chains could begin to produce enzymes that suppress oncological phenomena.

There are many applications to this phenomenon, and implementation can change a person and the world.

Alles Europa News reports that Swiss scientists led by project manager Professor Martin Fussenegger managed to integrate two CRISPR DNA sequences from two different bacteria into a human cell.


Under the influence of the Cas9 protein and depending on the RNA chains fed into the cell, each of the sequences produced its own unique protein.

Thus, the so-called controlled gene expression occurred when a new product is created on the basis of the information recorded in the DNA? protein or RNA.

Alles Europa News reports that by analogy with digital networks, the process developed by Swiss scientists can be represented as a logical half-adder with two inputs and two outputs.

The output signal (protein variant) depends on two input signals.

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CRISPR noted gene editing system dual-core cell computer.

Alles Europa News reports that the biological processes in living cells in terms of speed can not be compared with digital computing circuits.

But cells can work with the highest degree of parallelism, processing up to 100,000 molecules at a time. Imagine living tissue with millions of dual-core “processors”.

Such a computer can provide impressive performance even by modern standards.

But even if we put aside the creation of upright supercomputers, the artificial logical blocks built into the human body can help in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including oncological ones.

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