Cowboys with $ 73,693 fined for their emotional actions on Monday night.

Four Cowboys fined $ 73,693 for their actions during Monday’s game.

Date: November 8, 2019.

Alles Europe news reports that the Four Cowboys were fined a total of $ 73,693 for their actions against the Giants.


Receiver Randall Cobb received $ 28,075 for a blind-sided block, and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence will lose $ 21,054 for unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary harshness.

The deep Xavier Woods, the defensive player of the NFC week, fined $ 10,527, and linebacker Justin March was fined $ 14,037 for unnecessary roughness.

“We’ve had too many of those,” Garrett said of the 15-yard penalties. “.. You must distinguish between the penalties that occur during the play that are sometimes understandable.

Maybe you get out of position. Sometimes those things happen. It is professional football. There are many other types of sanctions we have. We just have to do a better job handling those situations. ”

Alles Europe news reports that the Cowboys had 10 penalties for 104 yards on Monday night against the Giants. They have 639 yards on penalties this season, only surpassed by Oakland.


The Raiders entered Thursday night with 640 yards on penalties and had another 12 penalties for 97 yards.

Coach Jason Garrett, on the other hand, was not happy with the team’s lack of discipline on Monday night, and addressed “directly.”

“You can’t let your emotions take hold of you,” Garrett said. “You have to channel your emotions properly. You can’t let someone else on another team take it on the way you don’t want to go down and it hurts your team.

Then you just have to stay focused. You must stay away from all the things they are trying to attract and focus on and play soccer. “

Seems like the while U.S NFL was as unhappy with the penalties of the Cowboys as Garrett.

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