Coronavirus becomes and epidemic as more people dies.

More than 50 people died from coronavirus in Hubei province in 48 hours.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared coronavirus as outbreak, pneumonia and an emergency of international concern.

Over the past 48 hours, 56 deaths from pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus and 2,103 new infections have been reported in the Chinese province of Hubei, local medical authorities said.

In the administrative center of the province – the city of Wuhan, from where the coronavirus began to spread in December last year – 41 people died, 1,033 new patients were identified.


In total, since December 2019, in Hubei, coronavirus infection was confirmed in 11,177 people (in Wuhan – 5,142), 350 people died (in Wuhan – 265). After recovery, 295 people were discharged from medical facilities.

In December last year, an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a previously unknown type of coronavirus began in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei Province). New coronavirus infections have been confirmed in 23 countries, including Russia .

The number of coronavirus infected in China exceeded 20.4 thousand people.

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Alles Europa news recalled that On February 3, a Chinese expert told how to avoid coronavirus infection .


In China, the number of cases of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus reached 20.4 thousand people. 425 patients died, reported February 4 in the Chinese State Committee on Health.

Thus, over the past day, the number of cases increased by 3.2 thousand, and the number of deaths increased by 64.

According to reports, another 23.2 thousand people may also be infected, but they have not yet been diagnosed with the disease.

To date, 632 people have recovered. At the same time, 2.8 thousand of those hospitalized are in serious condition, and 171.3 thousand are in quarantine.

Most infected and dead are from Hubei Province. It was in the administrative center – Wuhan – that the outbreak of the disease began. In Beijing, 212 cases of pneumonia were confirmed, in Shanghai – 203.

Pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV began to spread in late December in Wuhan.


Alles Europa news reports that the disease has already been detected in another 23 countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Russia.

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