Hungarian radio without antenna: EU launches proceedings against Budapest - AFP

Hungarian radio without antenna: EU launches proceedings against Budapest – AFP

[Alles Europa News]- The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it had launched an infringement procedure against Hungary, following the national regulator’s decision to deprive the independent radio station Klubradio of its antenna, seen as a further blow to media pluralism.

Klubradio, whose information and debates are often critical of the government of sovereignist Viktor Orban, has been broadcast online since February, after having been rejected from his appeal to keep his operating license.

The Commission ‘considers that the decisions of the Hungarian Media Council to refuse the renewal of Klubradio’s rights were disproportionate and non-transparent and therefore contrary to European law’.

It also considers that the law has been “applied in a discriminatory manner in this particular case”.

Procedures for the allocation of frequencies, the extension or revocation of these rights are subject to the rules of the European Electronic Communications Code.

“We had asked the Hungarian authorities to find a solution so that Klubradio could continue broadcasting. They did not act,” Commission Vice-President Vera Jourova said on Twitter to explain the launch of the procedure, which may lead to a referral to the Court of Justice of the EU.

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