Kanye West in a relationship with Bradley Cooper's ex, the Russian Russian Irina Shayk.

Love or lost with Kanye West in a relationship with Bradley Cooper’s ex, the Russian Russian Irina Shayk?

[Alles Europa News] – Kanye may have influenced the development of mainstream hip hop, pop music, and pop culture in general in the 21st century, but his love lives hanged in the balance.

Like his former best pal Jay-Z and Beyoncé compliments each others with talents while music is running in the family, Kanye West in a relationship with Bradley Cooper’s ex, the Russian Russian Irina Shayk now shows that something is definitely missing with his marriage with the Instagram strip/nudist model and reality show star Kim Kardashian.

There has been stories and rumors of the Canadian rapper – Drake and Kim Kardashian, but it seems clear that the reality show star Kim Kardashian maybe using Drake as a showoffs to get her now former Husband Kanye West .. “Attention away from Irina Shayk.“.

Kim Kardashian may not have a musical talents to follows him around, but as a wife she has in fact carried Kanye West kids in her belly , she has also promised to loved him forever in her latest post.

Kim Kardashian also noted earlier that she regretted her inability to move around with Kanye West in all his tours and shows.

Kanye’s real name is Kanye West Omari and is an American rapper, singer, record producer, businessman, politician and fashion designer.

It should be noted that Irina Shayk and Kanye West had known each other for a while, the Russian having collaborated for the video of Power, in 2010, as well as for the Yeezy collection of the rapper.

So the question here on Alles Europa News is , has Kanye West found love on the arm of model Irina Shayk?

Is it love or just someone who is more around while your wife gives too much time and attention to her families in their lost to their reality tv shows?

The young woman is also the ex of actor Bradley Cooper, with whom she shares a four-year-old daughter, Lea.

So this is an endless possibility of gossip on the horizon, as Kanye West finalizes his divorce from Kim Kardashian, with whom he has four children, and Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk share custody of theirs as best they can.

Page Six reports that several sources have confirmed the idyll between Shayk and West, and that the two “appreciate each other very much.

The model and the rapper had been rumored to have offered themselves a holiday in France for the 44th anniversary of the latter.

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