Germany politicians already calling to take power away from health minister in an ongoing pandemic variants.

According to Germany politicians, "Germany must prepare the disempowerment of Jens Spahn" (Image by the
  • According to Germany politicians, “Germany must prepare the disempowerment of Jens Spahn”
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[Alles Europa News] – Well in the face of battle and dangers against covid-19 , Jens Spahn excellence stance should remained , since the world health organization has already warn countries to prepared for another outbreak scenario.

Well Jens Spahn is a German politician of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) who has been serving as Federal Minister of Health in the fourth cabinet of Angela Merkel since 2018.

While Germany total covid-19 cases stance at 3,717,890 with the deaths tolls slightly above 89,825.

A general review of the rules would make it possible to allow the identification of the epidemic situation of national scope to be phased out quickly.

It would be conceivable to continue to put necessary measures such as mask wearing on a different legal basis.

From the point of view of the Greens, this is necessary anyway – because the conditions for the state of emergency could therefore soon be abolished.

“The determination of the epidemic situation must end as soon as the legal requirements are no longer met,” says Rottmann.

“This is the case as soon as public health is no longer seriously at risk.” It is not enough, like the Federal Government, to invoke the abstract danger of virus mutations. “If you take that as a yardstick, the epidemic situation never ends.” says Rottmann.

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