Microscopic animal survives 24,000 years in permafrost

Microscopic animal survives 24,000 years in permafrost

[Alles Europa News] – Survive 24,000 years in ice? Reproduce after coming back to life? Russian scientists announce that this double feat was achieved by the small bdelloïde rotifer.

A microscopic animal, called a bdelloïde rotifer, came back to life after being frozen for 24,000 years in Siberia, and then managed to clone itself, Russian scientists said on Monday.

This finding raises questions about the mechanisms used by the multicellular animal to endure this long period of rest, said Stas Malavin, co-author of an article on the subject in the journal “Current Biology“.

“Our report is the strongest evidence to date that multicellular animals could endure tens of thousands of years in cryptobiosis, a state in which the metabolism is almost completely at a standstill,” said Stas Malavin, of the Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Soil Problems, Pushtchino, Russia.

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