Vitamin D would not have a particular protective effect against COVID-19

Vitamin D would not have a particular protective effect against COVID-19

[Alles Europa News] ; According to the authors, vitamin D supplementation as a public health measure to improve outcomes is not supported by this study.

More importantly, their results suggest that investment in other therapeutic or preventive avenues should be a priority for randomized COVID-19 clinical trials.

“ Most studies on vitamin D are very difficult to interpret, as they cannot take into account known risk factors for severe COVID-19 (eg, advanced age, institutionalization, chronic disease) , which are also predictors of low vitamin D content.

Therefore, the best way to answer the question of the effect of vitamin D would be through randomized trials, but these are complex and are resource intensive, and time consuming during a pandemic, ”says Dr. Butler-Laporte.

Mendelian randomization can provide clearer information about the role of risk factors like vitamin D, as it helps reduce the potential bias of associated risk factors like institutionalization and chronic disease. “

In the past, Mendelian randomization has consistently predicted the results of large, expensive and timely vitamin D trials. Here, this method does not show clear evidence that vitamin D supplementation would have a significant effect on the course of Covid-19 in a given patient , ”adds Butler-Laporte.

Since the start of the pandemic, vitamin D has been in the spotlight, especially since some studies have found that the majority of patients who have developed severe forms suffer from vitamin D deficiency .

Health experts then took a closer look to determine to what extent a deficiency or supplementation could contribute respectively negatively and positively to the course of COVID-19 .

Recently, researchers wanted to determine by rigorous analysis whether vitamin D actually offered a significant benefit in fighting the disease, and the results are disappointing.

While the ability of vitamin D to protect against severe forms of COVID-19 is of great interest, the supporting evidence is limited, with many researchers pointing to the flawed nature of such a hypothesis.

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