Protein that corrects genetic damage discovered by HEI researchers. (Image by PixiMe01 from Pixabay)

Protein that corrects genetic damage discovered by HEI researchers.

[Alles Europa News]; Created in 1973, the University of Crete is a young educational institution in the region, rich in ancient and modern Mediterranean cultures.

A breakthrough was made by researchers from the Institute of Technology and Research (HEI) on the role of the HAB2 protein.

This protein is involved, inter alia, in the repair of genetic lesions, but also in the process of regulating gene expression that affects the production of other proteins, depending on the needs of each cell.

Over time we accumulate genetic damage that accelerates the aging process,increasing the likelihood of carcinogenicity.

DNA is constantly exposed to genotoxic agents that affect its fragile structure, inhibiting the function of each cell.

Cells treat DNA damage by activating repair mechanisms, which have the ability to restore it to its original form.

Patients with mutations in genes involved in repair mechanisms age prematurely while exhibiting an increased incidence of carcinogenicity.

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