London builds flagship to advance its interests in post covid-19 pandemic.

London builds flagship to advance its interests in post covid-19 pandemic.

[Alles Europa News]; Recalled that since the UK officially left the EU in January 2020, ending five decades of what their far right and conservatives movement of Boris Johnson with their campaign slogan with a tagged “a bitter marriage” to secure the exits votes, before leaving the EU customs union and single market in early 2021.

The country has since replicated or renewed existing trade agreements with the European Union, Japan and several other countries, but many more have yet to be concluded.

London is currently in talks with Australia and has begun discussions with India, New Zealand and the United States on future partnerships.

The UK will build a new flagship. A true “national standard” will be used to host trade events and promote the country’s post-Brexit interests around the world, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday.

The ship will provide a global platform for British business products as well as high-level trade negotiations, Downing Street said, as the UK seeks to forge new trading relationships after effectively leaving the European Union at the end of 2020.

It will also play a role in the implementation of the country’s foreign policy and security, including hosting summits and diplomatic talks.

It will be the first flagship in service since 1997, when the Royal Yacht Britannia ceased sailing.

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