Caregivers march at WHO and calls for global action.

Caregivers march at WHO and calls for global action in the face of covid-19 coronavirus pandemic era.

[Alles Europa News]; The parade took place in silence, up to a hundred metres from (WHO) World Health Organizations office.

There it was traveled to the sound of a drum.

They then began a song: “There is an urgent need for the health of the planet and humanity. We’ve read the reports, we see that politicians ignore scientists. In the face of this danger, we must rebel,” the protesters chanted.

Dr Tedros told health professionals: “The pandemic will end, but there is no vaccine against climate change. We must act now, in a supportive way, to prevent and prepare before it is too late,” a WHO statement said.

In Geneva, health professionals demonstrated in front of World Health Organization buildings to help countries recognize and act on the health risks of climate change.

Extinction Rebellion.

The Director-General of WHO received a letter on Saturday from the Swiss delegation of the Doctors for Extinction Rebellion.

These health professionals are calling for climate change to be recognized as a deadly danger to people and calling for action.

About 200 responded to the Extinction Rebellion (XR) call. Dressed in white gowns, a stethoscope and sometimes a red scarf to highlight the urgency, carers from across French-speaking Switzerland marched from the Place des Nations to the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday afternoon.

“Front-line health care workers face the consequences of environmental degradation on their patients every day,” a statement from the movement said.

The letter, delivered to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is signed by more than a thousand health professionals from around the world. The rally took place on the sidelines of the 74th World Health Assembly.

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