Germany media raised alarm on Covid-19 fictitious test fraud.

Investigations in Germany for Covid-19 fictitious test fraud.

Investigations in Germany for Covid-19 fictitious test fraud.

[Alles Europa News];To detect the irregularities, the journalists counted the people who had come to be tested in several places in order to compare them with the figures sent to the authorities.

The result: for a hundred screenings carried out, one center declared 422, elsewhere, instead of 550, the company said it had done 1743 on a day.

In response, Jens Spahn announced more controls to prevent some from “taking advantage” of the “necessary pragmatism” in the organization.

Screening points, which are easy to open, have multiplied in recent weeks in Germany: in North Rhine-Westphalia, the largest region, the Ministry of Health has recorded more than 8000.

In Berlin, where there are at least 1200 of them, “every kebab stand can get a certificate” to offer tests, even told the newspaper “Tagesspiegel” the manager of several centers in the capital, on condition of anonymity.

In reaction to the revelations, the city of Münster (north-west) withdrew the concession from a pinned company, which operates about fifty centers in more than 30 German cities.

Structures offering rapid Covid-19 tests would inflate the number of people screened to get more reimbursements from the state.

Several investigations have been launched in Germany against structures offering rapid Covid-19 tests, suspected of inflating the number of tests carried out to obtain unearned reimbursements from the state.

“Those who use the pandemic to enrich themselves criminally should be ashamed,” Health Minister Jens Spahn tweeted on Saturday, welcoming the opening of the proceedings.

The public prosecutor’s office in Bochum (north-west) on Friday raided private premises and dwellings linked to a company offering such antigenic tests, according to a spokeswoman quoted by the daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

The public prosecutor’s office in Lübeck (north) is also investigating “fraud” related to the “carrying out and billing of rapid tests”, according to the weekly “WirtschaftsWoche”, and the Cologne health authority visited a centre on Friday for an unannounced check.

These tests – mandatory in several regions to frequent bars, restaurants, shops or municipal swimming pools – were made free in March under federal regulations aimed at increasing the number of screenings.

This provides for a refund of up to EUR 18 per test, but several German media have pointed out in recent days the absence and impossibility of controls.

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