The tentacles of Covid-19 origin and why it is better to remained in the unknown. (Image by René Bittner from Pixabay)

The tentacles of Covid-19 origin and why it is better to remained in the unknown.

This Article “The Covid-19 origin” is dedicated To the future- children; But don’t say I didn’t warn you , because you will be heartbroken into pieces when you open the box of truth as regards The Covid-19 origin.

(Alles Europa News – The riddles of Peace.) – Coronavirus covid-19 disease is believed to have killed over 3,530,000 people all over the globe officially, while others experts argues that the death tolls may tripled that figures since many politicians have turned into “gangster” that hides the actual health records from the world health organizations.

Well; since we are all barely out of the covid-19 mutations variants; it seems like a goods time to nail down The Covid-19 origin.

But; rather I will prefer to choose the other sides, that is not knowing , which is why it is better to remained in the unknown.

So; this is not going to come as your regular news but as “The riddles of Peace”.

So for the sake of peace, I have written this article like a ten thousand years old, so that you might need to gathers your scholars to break the hidden codes in this one articles to arrive at a difference permutations.

The Covid-19 origin that is better to remained in the unknown for the sake of peace, so I decides, to burn down the tentacles of the roads that may lead to chaos of world war 3 for the sake of peace, recovery and cooperation all around the globe.

Well , I was lost on the road of discovery to dig out The Covid-19 origin, Yes – lost to the road, brokenhearted – to see the road to the truth , so I burned down the road to open the scroll of peace – The riddles of peace.

The riddles of peace to tame the dogs of racial divisions.

But if you think you know far better than “I AM” , you can open the Pandora box, the Covid-19 origin Pandora box that may becomes the most fear “nuclear war” in the era where the fears of covid-19 deadly variants spreads out from the countries that refused to control the earlier spreading and the covid-19 variants.

From the failures or refusal to control the earlier coronavirus spreading that is allowing the much more deadly virus evolution into something that is more dangerous in covid-19 ability to take over much more weaker host in human to born a new variants.

As noted earlier here on Alles Europa News , that since large human body host thousands of bacteria that help us perform some certain functions in our body like digestions and others, if bacteria’s in the human body can go through an evolution with us , so can virus in covid-19 coronavirus.

It is no longer a news that some of our earlier ancestors were able to survived the aftermath from the land and natural disasters with their adaptation to the sea.

So, the new battles in the coming months is very simple; that is the evolution of coronavirus “much more deadly variants”, variants attacks on weaker host ( that is already sicked people), variants powers to wider spreading which is what it is getting, to give out much more deadly variants mutations; from UK , South Africa, Brazil variants or even a worst combination of the three in one.

A dangerous tentacles for our present vaccine success.

So the truth that may open the doors of chaos and bloodshed should better remained in the dark for the future generation to open the Pandora box of truth.

To the future children, I hope you will all be better than us all in peace and cooperation, as the remaining of the old world fades out into ashes to ashes and time.

To them I have one message , from world war 1 to ww2 and various pandemic should be enough lost on our planet for now, it is better to rest without world war 3.

In a world that can not stay in peace; much longer than 100 years; Sept 1, 1939 is barely 82-years ago when the WW2 kicked in with chaos and the aftermath that will forever remained a much bigger lost on all sides.

To the future children; don’t say I didn’t warn you , because you will be heartbroken into pieces when you open the box of truths as regards The Covid-19 origin.

In honor to the men and women lost to the pain and death from covid-19 , I have three words- “rest in peace”, because of you and in the honors of your memories; I blanked out the tentacles of politics and all the politicians names from this article until the barking dog is caged forever.

For the barking dog; It was ‘I AM’ who defeated you and gives your wand to the “Horse” to take his people into peace and prosperity to honor their father who said “IN GOD WE TRUST , WHEN ALL FAILS BEYOND OUR CONTROL”.

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