ISIS remains a “powerful” force in Afghanistan, says the US diplomat on AFP.

ISIS remains a "powerful" force in Afghanistan, says the UNITED States diplomat on AFP.

ISIS remains a “powerful” force in Afghanistan, says the UNITED States diplomat on AFP.

[Alles Europa News] ; While many U.S citizens have campaign for the United States to end War and leave Afghanistan, experts have demanded earlier that the former U.S President Trump to stands with the ruling and democratic election President with supports; and not with terrorist groups such as Taliban.

The former U.S President Trump administration are in favor of an interim government that would include the Taliban., The U.S President Joe Biden however relies on the intelligence report to safely navigates.

A future that will ensure that Afghanistan no longer becomes terrorism hubs, which is not yet visible at the moment.

A special conference was scheduled for the end of April in Turkey to restart talks, but it was postponed indefinitely after the Taliban refused to participate in protest against the delay in the US withdrawal, initially set for May 1.

“It is obvious that the country will still be faced for months and years with difficult problems,” admitted the diplomat. “We have been clear on our commitment to continue our security assistance.”

“We’re not going anywhere. We’re here.”

The Islamic State group remains a “powerful” force in Afghanistan, he concluded, in an interview with AFP, the highest American diplomat in Kabul, who blames the recent attack on ISIS which killed dozens of teenage girls near ‘a school in the Afghan capital.

But it is to the Taliban that the American charge d’affaires Ross Wilson attributes the increase in violence in Afghanistan, accusing them of violating the commitments made in the framework of the peace talks, even as the American forces continue their withdrawal.

“ISIS remains a powerful force here, which is one of the many reasons we continue to provide Afghan authorities with security and counterterrorism assistance,” Wilson said in the interview on Monday. AFP.

He blames them for the May 8 attack near a girls’ school in Kabul which left more than 50 dead and the attack on a mosque in the suburbs of Kabul which killed 12 on Friday.

IS claimed responsibility for the attack on the mosque, but not the attack on the school.

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