The United States of America and Russia meeting maybe under pressure.
  • The United States of America and Russia meeting maybe under pressure.
  • Lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2 would help Russia-US relations, says Moscow

[Alles Europa News] ; While Russia enjoys free ride under the former U.S President Trump era, the new U.S President under Joe Biden administration gives fire for fires.

With vast hacking on U.S election system to favor the former incumbent President Trump, for the United States cyber defense, the U.S citizens and their election credibility from foreign interference; it was indeed a long walk to freedom for the United States that was almost thrown into chaos of civil war with Russia supposed “support” for the right wings.

On his campaign podium, Joe Biden noted that the Russia is the greatest threat to United States.

Russia has not finds itself in this corner for many years now, While both Foreign ministers are meeting on Wednesday evening in Iceland as relations between the two countries are strained.

While Moscow and Washington exchanged harsh accusations and sanctions from the start of the Democrat’s tenure.

But since then, the two countries claim to want a form of appeasement.

“We have said very clearly that if Russia chooses to take irresponsible or aggressive measures against our interests or our partners and allies, we will retaliate,” warned Antony Blinken in Iceland. “Not to seek conflict or escalation, but because one cannot be challenged with impunity in this way.”

However, he considered “important to be able to talk about this face to face to see if it is possible to have a more stable and predictable relationship with Russia”, as well as common ground on climate or disarmament.

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