The standoff Between Amnesty International Vs Switzerland SEM on refugees torture.

The standoff Between Amnesty International on refugees mistreatment Vs Switzerland SEM denounces mistreatment, even torture.
  • The standoff Between Amnesty International on refugees mistreatment Vs Switzerland SEM denounces mistreatment, even torture.

[Alles Europa News] ; While SEM rejects allegations of mistreatment and torture.,

During the publication of the report, the SEM had already prepared its response on Tuesday:

“We formally reject, in particular the allegations according to which human rights are systematically violated in the federal centers and the applicants” tortured “.

This would mean that pain or suffering would be deliberately inflicted on asylum seekers in order to extract information, intimidate or punish them ”.

The SEM does not appreciate at all the attack by Amnesty International, “which thus places it, as the state authority of our country, on the same level as non-law regimes and military dictatorships, which has nothing to do with the reality of the Federal Centers and the legal security enjoyed by everyone living in Switzerland ”.

However, the SEM announced last week the opening of an investigation.

Former Federal Judge Niklaus Oberholzer was mandated by Secretary of State Mario Gattiker to shed light “on several incidents for which accusations have been expressed about unjustified coercive measures and incorrect behavior”.

The SEM specifies that it does not accept that “disproportionate coercion” is used against asylum seekers and continues “to systematically sanction any incorrect behavior”.

Opened two years ago, the Federal Centers for Applicants are the target of serious accusations in an NGO report.

The State Secretariat for Migration disputes the darkness of the picture.

The standoff continues around the accusations of mistreatment in the federal centers for asylum seekers opened in 2019.

In a report released on Wednesday, Amnesty International Switzerland makes serious accusations against the management of these centers where the applicants are entrusted to the guard of private security agents.

Amnesty recalls the context of its investigations: “After taking over the operation of the federal asylum centers in March 2019, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) subcontracted the tasks relating to security to companies private companies, in particular Protectas SA and Securitas SA.

Amnesty was first alerted by supervisory staff and security agents worried about the abuse and ill-treatment inflicted on asylum seekers, then by the victims themselves and by the legal representatives intervening or having intervened in the cases with the federal asylum centers ”.

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