Meghan hidden message in the Harry and Oprah documentary trailer

  • Meghan Markle’s hidden message in the Harry and Oprah documentary trailer

[Alles Europa News] ; It is no longer a news that Meghan Markle will give birth at home to avoid the siege of the paparazzi, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to carry out the birth at their home while being surrounded by a medical team made up entirely of women.

When Meghan was pregnant with the first-born, they also wanted him to be born at home but before the doctors’ warning of a possible complication, the couple accepted the medical advice and the child was born at the Portland Private Hospital in London, since the date was delayed birth and the lives of both were in danger. Finally the little one was born on May 6, 2019.

In the era of the networks, nothing that one says, does or looks goes unnoticed, and for Meghan Markle this is the best way to counter in the midst of the versions that speak that the confrontation of the Sussexes with the Royal House continues and that it is a matter of time for Queen Elizabeth II’s decision to take away the title they hold.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and the actress do everything to lead a “normal” life in their Los Angeles mansion .

And this all includes taking little Archie to the Nursery, like mere mortals, and even looking for work; A search that ended in a super documentary on mental health with Oprah Winfrey .

In the trailer of just over two minutes, you could see the protagonists of this documentaries that Apple will premiere on Friday night.

In one of the shots, Harry appears in front of a computer and Meghan approaches him with a white T-shirt with a powerful message: “Raising the Future” (“Raising the Future”) .

This shirt has a very special connection to Archie and the desire to leave the Royal Household.

In September 2019 the Dukes traveled to South Africa with their son (a trip in which the couple whitewashed the situation they lived with the Royal Family and the depression that the actress was suffering ) and in one of the official acts they attended they received as a gift a white bodysuit that read, with the same typography, “The Future” (“. Both designs belong to the firm Mère Soeur , whose designer has been very excited to see Prince Harry’s wife with her clothes.

While awaiting the arrival of their daughter, Meghan and Harry distance themselves more and more from the Monarchy which they hold responsible for Markle’s suicide attempt.

Everyone seems to have moved on, but Meghan Markle’s message in the Harry and Oprah documentary trailer will continues to generate fresh views.

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