Trump Organization investigation in New York is now "criminal" in nature.

Trump Organization investigation in New York is now “criminal” in nature.

[Alles Europa News] ; In what seems like a cooking hot waters, between the Former U.S President Trump and his once beloved city of New York.

The Manhattan district attorney has also been investigating whether any of Trump’s financial records were tampered with to cover up secret money payments to two women in 2016, who they say had an affair with him.

In February, Vance said that, after a lengthy legal battle , they had obtained Trump’s tax returns as part of the investigation.

The New York attorney general’s office revealed Tuesday that it is investigating the Trump Organization “as a criminal.”

Alles Europa News recalled that Fabien Levy, spokesman for prosecutor Letitia James, told the BBC on Tuesday that the Trump Organization has already been informed that the investigation into her “is no longer purely civil in nature.”

“We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization as a criminal , along with the Manhattan district attorney,” Levy added.

The statement does not explain why the investigation went from civil to criminal in nature or whether former President Trump himself could be personally implicated in any accusation.

New York has been inquiring into Trump’s financial dealings since before he took office as president of the United States in 2016.

The Trump Organization is the parent company of hundreds of the former president’s entities, ranging from hotels to golf courses.

The company denies any illegal acts and maintains that the investigation of a Democratic prosecutor is political revenge.

“Prolonged criminal conduct”

New York launched a civil investigation in March 2019, based on claims that Trump had inflated the value of his assets to banks when seeking loans, but was underestimating the value to reduce his taxes.

The prosecutor has also searched documents from four Trump Organization properties in Manhattan, upstate New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

In August 2020, Cyrus Vance Jr, the Manhattan District Attorney, said in court documents that his office was investigating alleged “prolonged criminal conduct” at the Trump Organization.

Vance cited newspaper articles about alleged insurance and banking fraud at the company.

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