The Norwegian Royal Household gives place to Marta Luisa of Norway and her daughters on Norwegian National Day 2021
  • The Norwegian Royal Household gives place to Marta Luisa of Norway and her daughters on Norwegian National Day 2021

[Alles Europa News] ; Syttende mai – Norwegian Constitution Day on every 17th of May ; the reflection of victory over Nazi oppression.

Already on the ship, Marta Luisa from Norway shared an image with Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora and Emma Tallulah , all delighted to participate in these celebrations in which they were given their place and where they had a great time enjoying this cruise in the one that accompanied them with many other boats.

“Happy Norwegian Constitution Day! Our celebrations were a little different this year, but there is no better place to be than the sea when we need to keep our distance and celebrate together,” commented the King’s daughter on Instagram about this end of the party on the royal ship, which incidentally also boarded Princess Astrid, King Harald’s sister .

The Norwegian Royal Household is perfectly regulated at all levels c.

One of them is related to membership. The King , Queen , Crown Prince , Crown Princess and Princess Ingrid Alexandra are part of it .

The rest of the close relatives, that is, Prince Sverre Magnus, Princess Marta Luisa and their three daughters, as well Princess Astrid, are members of the Norwegian Royal Family, which implies that they do not serve the Crown except in very important moments.

Meaning; therefore that they do not have the same duties, nor the same privileges .

Syttende mai.

Instead, Norway’s 17th May celebration of Constitution Day was given a new and broader meaning to reflect the victory over Nazi oppression.

Even though Liberation Day is the official flag day in Norway, it is not an official holiday and is not widely celebrated.

By historical coincidence, World War II ended in Norway nine days before Constitution Day of that year, May 8, 1945, when the German occupying forces surrendered.

In 1905, the alliance with Sweden was dissolved, and Prince Carl of Denmark was elected king of independent Norway under the name Haakon VII. Obviously, this put an end to all concerns of the Swedes about the National Day.

In an initiative that was taken by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, although Wergeland staged the first known children’s parade in Eidsvoll around 1820. It wasn’t until 1899 that girls were allowed to join the parade for the first time.

After 1864, this day became more established when the first children’s parade was organized in Christiania, initially consisting only of boys.

The address was held by Henrik Wergeland with careful attestation and explanation by an informant sent by the king himself.

However, according to that history, it was not until 1833 that public speeches were held, and the official celebration began at the monument to the former government minister Christian Krogh, who spent most of his political life limiting the personal power of the monarch.

The king’s attitude changed after the Battle of the Square in 1829, an incident that caused such a commotion that the king had to allow a commemoration on that day.

For several years during the 1820s, King Johan actually banned it, believing that such celebrations were in fact a kind of protest and disdain – even a revolt – against the union.

However, Norway at the time was in personal alliance with Sweden after the Moss Convention in August 1814, according to which they divided the monarch as separate nations, and for several years the king of Sweden and Norway did not want to allow the celebration.

The Norwegian Constitution was signed at Eidsvoll on May 17, 1814. The constitution declared Norway an independent kingdom in an attempt to avoid a concession to Sweden after the crushing defeat of Denmark and Norway in the Napoleonic wars, However today in 2021; it is an honour in celebration gallor of a beautiful past that shape the future today.

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