Hundreds of cats freed in Chicago to fight mouse plague

Hundreds of cats freed in Chicago to fight mouse plague

[Alles Europa News] ; Well, this is not a Tom and Jerry cartoon but in reality , the mouse invasions, the United States Authorities in Chicago may have ok the cats to stop it, causing a criticism from pro animal safety and those who want their parks without the mouse invasions.

While Chicago released a thousand cats in their streets with the aim of fighting a plague of mice that has affected the city for a few days.

The felines were released mainly in public parks and commercial areas where the presence of rodents has increased.

The so-called “working cats” operation has caused controversy among different environmental groups, who criticize the throwing of hundreds of felines into the streets; and even those who advocate the life of rodents.

In this regard, those who defend the initiative, argue that the objective is not that the cats eat all the rodents , but that, being “natural enemies” the rodents smell the presence of the felines and avoid invading parks, commercial areas and residential.

Derived from the above, some environmental associations have described the ” working cats ” operation as an ecological measure that avoids the use of toxic substances to poison rodents.

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