Pep Guardiola's daughter, caught kissing with a footballer "Dele Alli"

Pep Guardiola’s daughter, caught kissing with a footballer “Dele Alli”

Pep Guardiola’s eldest daughter is a well-known ‘influencer’

[Alles Europa News] ; María Guardiola is one of the three children that the coach and former FC Barcelona player have in common with his wife, the businesswoman Cristina Serra , along with Marius, 18, and Valentina, 13.

The young woman is a well-known ‘influencer’ who has 50,000 followers on her Instagram account , which is private, only visible to her fans.

Guardiola’s daughter poses like a model on social networks with different looks, luxury clothes and accessories, enjoying wonderful trips and fashionable restaurants.

For his part, Dele Alli , the English midfielder, broke up just a couple of months ago with model Ruby Mae . Now everything seems to indicate that Maria is his new conquest.

María Guardiola , daughter of Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola , could have a relationship with Dele Alli , the Tottenham player is definitely the new media tales.

The couple was photographed kissing in a London entertainment area, oblivious to the gaze.

The British newspaper ‘The Sun’ has published some images of the two of them together, along with the information provided by a source: “Dele and Maria didn’t seem to have any concern. They didn’t mind being seen kissing each other in front of the DJ booth. “

The tabloid goes on to explain: “It was full of party people watching . All the tables reserved and full. They were together, in a group and in a cozy atmosphere. They looked like newlyweds.”

The aforementioned source assures that the young people have known each other for just under a month .

In this way, Pep Guardiola’s daughter, 20, and the footballer, 25 , gave free rein to their love and passion publicly without caring about being recognized.

He more than her since the young woman surely at no time thought that they could identify her in the British country.

Dele Alli played for England under 17, 18 and 19 before making his team debut in 2015. He was selected to compete in Euro 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, helping England reach the latter’s semi-finals.

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