Venezuela: cross-border violence no longer only worries Colombia.

Venezuela: cross-border violence no longer only worries Colombia.

[Alles Europa News] ; With an already complex relationship between Caracas and Bogotá, this event may affect the local dynamics that were developing.

Thus, apart from an intensification of violence, an impact on the civilian population and a forced displacement on both sides of the border, this change in border dynamics can serve to weaken the Gentil Duarte groups present in the area.

Something that should not necessarily affect the ELN or Segunda Marquetalia. In any case, what is clear is that the violence associated with the armed conflict that is taking place on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, according to the events, is no longer the exclusive concern of Colombia.

The growing distance between “Gentil Duarte” with the Second Marquetalia and the concurrence of armed confrontations in Apure and Amazonas has motivated a change of position that upsets local logic

The Venezuelan Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino, denounced the kidnapping of eight soldiers by the FARC dissidents in Apure, according to an earlier AFP report.

However the presence of criminal groups associated with the Colombian armed conflict in Venezuela is far from new.

In fact, it is even prior to the arrival of Hugo Chávez to the presidency of the country in 1999.

However, since the signing of the Peace Agreement between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the Farc-Ep in November 2016, the meaning of the Colombian-Venezuelan corridor for conflict-related violence has been redefined in some of its terms.

In the first place, it is necessary to highlight how the process of reincorporation to civil life in the Farc-Ep has represented a window of opportunity for many of the armed actors, especially because the geography of violence in Colombia, markedly peripheral, border, jungle and coca, continues to be as notable as in 2012.

However, this takes place under the particularity that the power vacuum left by the Farc-Ep has been taken advantage of by violent third groups.

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