Iphone remained the world best phones in technologies.

Why did the Huawei Mate40, which was once more popular than the iPhone 12, suddenly ceased to be popular?

Iphone remained the world best in technologies.

Huawei remained the world best phone with an insane battery lives.

(Alles Europa News)- In the case of iPhone , the IOS remained the most advanced model with a shortest battery life compared to Huawei and better than any others.

Huawei remained the only tech company that is definitely giving the American giants a run for their billion dollars empire.

It is clear that the U.S government will try to fight back with dominance using law enforcement like in Trump era claimed of “data”, but it is certain that the U.S tech giants may not be able to hold the bond of monopoly over the Chinese tech giant.

Even China knows that the bond of monopoly will set them back into 150-years in times behind, so China refuses to spare his own Alibaba with the wrath of hell , fines and possible imprisonment to send a clear message against the tentacles of inequality.

China received billions of dollars purchases every year from various products all around the world, so if Beijing need to compile datas, Beijing may not need Huawei for that, but it is not totally out of the questions.

The truth is that no country is a victim “an innocent bystander” on illegal gathering of intelligence and data collections…..

Given that Huawei CFO is still behind bars and the chip shortage problem all around the globe still goes unresolved, it is believe that Huawei’s Mate40 series products may even become more and more difficult to grab.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is a Chinese business executive, who is the deputy chair of the board and chief financial officer (CFO) of telecom giant and China’s largest privately held company, Huawei, founded by her father Ren Zhengfei.

On 1 December 2018, Wanzhou was detained upon arrival at Vancouver International Airport by Canada Border Services Agency officers for questioning, she is still behind bars till today.

Financial burden kills innovations.

Compared to Europe and elsewhere where politicians votes “suppose law ” that kills their self employed and tech startup with tax , duties , insurance and various burden , where financial burden kills innovations in many countries, the United States and China enjoys their government stance even in crisis.

While United States and China are expected to remained dominance in creations of the unknown , the rest of the world will follows off-course with noise on …..Digital Tax.. Digital Tax.. Digital Tax.. noise from the rest of the world.

You can’t expected the United States standing with her tech giant and innovators while a country in island of caves.. calls to enjoy all the benefits without U.S fighting back.

Self employed and tech startup will become the soul of many modern empire in the future that is already now, Since Steve Jobs start apple in a basement like other tech giant that the world enjoys today.

Which is why Europe and the rest of the world lagged behinds the United States and China.

You can argue that Europe and the rest of the world have special billions of dollars for innovations programs, the real innovator that changes the world , I am talking in this article are the young and in their middle age with a sound minds to change the world in their field.

So how many of them have access to your programs and your bank billions dollars , It is clear that the political innovations programs always ends up with nothing and with billions of dollars bank waste under the political and politician grip that is always base on public showoff, power and re-elections.

Many innovator in Europe have abandoned their gift for an easy paying jobs, the real innovators in this article are the next generations.

With no bank collateral to their names and they can’t even proof their mind to the bank like the business evidence in most of this countries , yet they hold the keys that change the future that is here now.

Note- this article is not saying that their are no innovations in Europe or outside United States and China, the conclusion in this article is that we all have a catch up to do.

From a coffee machine that breaks the raw beans into pieces to produce a finest well filtered hot coffee drinks in the morning to the HD Tv running in the parlor and the mobile phones that allow us to move the world in business and in the E-commerce, they are all inline with the same key points in this article ,that we all have a catch up to do — It is better when we developed together.

You see in the future, a single lines of AI codes will be able to defeat the whole world piles of nuclear armoury.

Apple, Google , Facebook, Twitter and the rest of them are tech company created in a basement a few years ago, Huawei have been around even longer…

Huawei P8

Only Huawei has the ability to compete with Apple and others U.S tech giants.

Among the many mobile phone brands, only Huawei has the ability to compete with Apple, especially the new products of Huawei Mate series and P series, even if compared with the iPhone in the same period, they are not inferior , Huawei lasting battery put Iphone demands in danger.

Among them, the Huawei Mate40 was even more popular than the iPhone 12 because of the turmoil of chip supply at the beginning of its release.

Not only that, the sales reputation of Huawei Mate40 is even better than that of iPhone12, which shows the strong strength of Huawei’s mobile phone business – A danger for the U.S tech giant and their business in general.

However, the popularity of Huawei Mate40, which was once touted to the sky, did not last for too long.

In March JD’s self-operated mobile phone sales list, shows that Huawei Mate40 did not even enter the top 20.

So, why is Huawei Mate40 not popular?

First, the shortage of chips leads to insufficient supply

As we all know, Huawei’s Kirin chip is currently facing the dilemma of chip shortage, and it cannot be solved in a short time.

In this context, Huawei has to extend the lifeline of its mobile phone business by controlling goods, which has caused Mate40 to be out of stock since it went on the market.

Unable to meet the consumer’s purchase needs, the popularity and hot sales of Huawei Mate40 will naturally not last too long.

Second, the price of Huawei Mate40 remains high.

“Things are rare and expensive”, perhaps because the supply of Huawei Mate40 is limited, the price of the machine has always been high, and it is even more expensive to buy on third-party platforms.

It is undeniable that the overall strength of Huawei Mate40 is good.

In the March Huawei was on high rating list , but the price of 5000+ is still unavoidable to discourage consumers.

Finally, new machines are released frequently and users choose more cheaper price.

In the past March, mobile phone manufacturers have truly achieved , Among the new models released that month, only the flagship Snapdragon 888 reached 16 models.

For mass consumers, the brand is not the main factor in purchasing the machine, the most important thing is the product strength, and the flagship machines launched by Xiaomi, vivo, and OPPO, each of the comprehensive strengths does not lose to the Huawei Mate40.

Especially Xiaomi Mi 11, not only has excellent hardware configuration, the price is lower, which is cheaper than Huawei Mate40.

In addition, the release of OnePlus 9 series and OPPO Find X3 series also weakened the competitiveness of Huawei Mate40.

With the frequent launch of new phones, coupled with the difficulty in buying Huawei Mate40, and the high price, it is natural to choose flagship phones from other brands.

From the above three aspects, it is reasonable that Huawei Mate40 is not popular.

However, the hardware strength of Huawei Mate40 is still beyond doubt.

Although Huawei Mate40 is equipped with Kirin 9000E processor, but with EMUI 11 system, it does not lose to Huawei Mate40 Pro in terms of performance and smoothness of operation.

Iphone remained the world best phones in technologies.

Using various Iphone and Huawei for many years , Iphone remained the best in technologies, but Huawei EMUI system is catching up after breaking away from Google Android to design its own operating system.

Apple Iphone

Huawei remained the world seconds best phone with an insane battery lives.

Watching Netflix series or staying for so long on the phone, Huawei remained the world best phone with an insane battery lives of over 200hours with VIDEO playing mode, while Iphone with the same charging power and in safe battery mode will only be able to last less than 8hours.

Battery power – An aspect where Apple Iphone needs to improved which is the purpose of this article.

The conclusion in this article is that both have a catch up to do, the users will be the final judges here.

The sky is big for many birds to fly.

The sky is too big for many birds to fly, it is clear that over 2 billion mobile phones will be in demands in the next five years, an insane amount that is too big for a single company to produced.

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