The animals IQ in questions and How Elon Musk’s Neuralink claims of monkey playing ping-pong with mind seems like a total fraud.

Scientists are increasingly convinced that the intelligence of humans and animals has a lot in common.

How Elon Musk’s Neuralink claims of monkey playing ping-pong with mind seems like a total fraud or an April fools.

(Alles Europa News Science in Rebellion) – Elon Musk’s Neuralink demonstrated how a monkey play ping-pong on a computer with just the power of her mind, could it be real or just a hungry monkey licking sweet sugar from a pipe and the recorded video of ping-pong on a computer playing itself.

Elon Musk is a great guy but not far away from controversy, a good role model whose work and scientific contributions will be remembered for a long – long time to come.

But , if men can now control the mind then we have becomes God. Because an access to the mind is an access to a complete human consciousness that can even hold an understanding to the afterlife, well we are in the days , when students are lost pressing their phone 24/7 on social media or in the parties, meaning that people are not reading again and such a marketing strategies seems like an April fools.

Their are birds that travel from one continent to the others , some alone while others in groups , their are animals with superb family relationship with their young ones which decodes – consciousness of mind.

This shows that animal may not have such a high IQ like human in their brain, but their are certain characteristic that gives them consciousness about their survival – which is their mind.

To me Elon Musk’s Neuralink claimed of having access to control the animals mind is a fraud or just an April fools.

Like the old Thomas in the bible seeing and checking is the only way to or half way to believing.

If they claimed to train a certain animal or monkey to do some certain task with their brain , then that is ok.

But access to animals mind with a machine is still impossible for an AI at this stage in human scientific advancement.

You can design a propeller that fly away into the space, access to animal or human mind can only be done by advance AI and we are not their yet.

In this ongoing covid-19 pandemic that have already killed over three million people across the globe, over 200,000 are dying from incurable disease such as cancer since they have been sidelines in pandemic.

With a complete full hospitals in most part of the whole world, causing lack of care for cancer patients and others.


It is possible to influence the animals brain, their heart and the body but not their minds.

It is possible to train vertebrate like dogs, monkey and others to do a certain non complex task, but not in place of a human.

It is even possible to train animals to watch or play video games … yes after a long period of time, they can do that task, but the fraud comes from the claims of minds control – that is the monkey plays games with her mind.

It is clear that only an AI can do that , an AI of that caliber is definitely still in making.

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