Afghanistan: at least 5 dead and 21 wounded after mortar attack on Kabul.

Washington and the Taliban agreed to a complete withdrawal from the United States in mid-2021, which may not be possible under the new President elect Joe Biden, who is expected to seek the U.S military experts and Allies opinion before further decisions.

Donald Trump government for the peace process in Afghanistan with Taliban (Alles Europa News – Tabiban is Ban in Europe) is causing more deadly in his last days in office.

The United States have been known to never negotiates with terrorist groups like Taliban or Islamic states (both ban in Europe) , but Trump decides to take another turn best known to his administrations.

Taliban have been known to lunch a terrorist attacks at the same times denied it due to various fractions with the the inside and outside the Taliban commands, in facts their was an earlier rumours reports of an unknown Russians paying the Taliban to kill more U.S soldiers.

While Trump administration have not approved such rumours, experts warns that Taliban can not be trusted in 100% ways.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet today in Qatar with negotiators from the Taliban group and the Government of Afghanistan, in what could be one of the last meetings of the Donald Trump government for the peace process in Afghanistan.

The Trump Administration has been key to the start of these negotiations.