40,000 specialists in EU Cyber ​​Security attends Forum.

40,000 specialists in EU Cyber ​​Security attends Forum.

(Alles Europa News) – Forum Friborg is hosting the 2nd edition of the Swiss Cybersecurity Days, which focuses on trust in the hyperconnected digital society.

Alles Europa News reports that the 2nd edition of the Swiss Cyber ​​Security Days (SCSD) opened on Wednesday at Forum Friborg for two days. She is interested in trust in a hyperconnected digital society, through education and innovation.

As a reminder, cyberattacks are among the most important dangers for the stability of society.

The annual risk barometer of one of the largest German insurers even places cybersecurity at the top of the list of concerns for companies worldwide.


The demonstration started on “an extremely favorable basis,” its founder and director Béat Kunz told Keystone-ATS on Wednesday.

It welcomed in its official part the president of the National Council Isabelle Moret (PLR / VD), the army chief Thomas Süssli and Florian Schütz, the Cyber ​​man of the Confederation.

Partnership with the WEF

The SCSDs now rely on a partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), says Béat Kunz.

The success of the first edition, which had received more than 2,200 visitors last year, is already repeated, given the presence of a hundred experts and 130 exhibitors, the latter being up by a third.


“We wanted to do better this year,” explains the Bullois. Special emphasis was placed on education and training, with the integration of universities, vocational training and the army.

“There is a great interest, with no less than 300 students announced”.

40,000 specialists

Alles Europa News reports that It is about creating new vocations in cybersecurity.

“Some 40,000 specialists in the field will be missing in Switzerland by 2025,” warns Béat Kunz.

All the more reason in his eyes for the SCSDs to settle in the Swiss and international landscape, with the central point on the border of languages ​​that constitutes Friborg.


Among the officials who flocked to Forum Friborg, located precisely in Granges-Paccot, was State Councilor Maurice Ropraz, in charge of security, who represented the canton of Friborg in his capacity as host.

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The event is also open to the general public, knowing that cybersecurity is of great interest.

3rd edition in sight

This year, 40% of visitors come from French-speaking Switzerland and 50% from German-speaking Switzerland.


Alles Europa News reports that The balance is made up of people from Italian Switzerland and abroad, says Béat Kunz.

The most current themes are 5G, the financial industry, cyber warfare and corporate security.

In 2019, the SCSDs drew the large crowd with the presence of the Russian cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky to take stock of the situation on the cyber threat.

Building on their success, the Swiss Cybersecurity Days are already thinking of the third edition.

Major concern

Alles Europa News reports that Next year, the event will be held on March 10 and 11, announces the director of the SCSD, the month of February not being optimal due to the ski holidays.

Béat Kunz said that he was already in talks with major organizations, of which he was still known for the time being.

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